Yoga Mad

Yoga Mad

I started my Bikram Yoga boot camp over a month ago, and I have never felt more revitalized, relaxed and toned. I’m always really cold, so I love anything that involves heat. You either hate or love Bikram Yoga – the heat it seriously intense and overwhelming. It’s constantly testing, and changes for every session. Some days I can do a full backward bend without any issues, and other times, it makes me feel sick and dizzy.

One thing I quickly realized I needed to invest in, was a lightweight, long towel with grips. When you sweat so much, you need to keep your balance, and this towel definitely does the trick with it’s double sided anti-slip and high absorbency elements .

From Sweaty Betty, £25


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  1. Lou
    November 12, 2012 / 13:13

    I have this towel and it is great! I used to do Bikram yoga but since I’ve moved no where near me does it. I will go again though once I find some where. 


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