April 18, 2018

Finding the time to work out when you have a baby, is not necessarily an easy, or straightforward task for us mummies. Whilst I have finally signed up to a gym which has a creche for Rio, there are many times when I’m craving working outside in the nature, or just to be more flexible and free moving; especially now that we’re transitioning into the warmer summer months. Aside from my weekly power walks in the park with the pram, I also love wearing my trusted Ergobaby carrier. However, I had never thought about being able to actually work out in my carrier, both safely and effectively… Scroll on down to watch me in action (and my 3 go-to moves to get you fit for summer in no time).


So a few weeks back, I had the pleasure of working out with CARiFiT (a fun and results-driven postnatal baby wearing workout concept) – who (very conveniently) has partnered with Ergobaby, the most ergonomic baby carrier brand out there. The result is to bring safe and super effective workouts whilst wearing your baby, giving new mothers the chance to get back into shape, whilst bonding and staying close to your baby (music to my ears).

To say I was intrigued to work out whilst carrying Rio (who’s a pretty big baby), would be an understatement. To be honest, I was even a bit sceptical about it, not really anticipating being able to get a proper sweat from it, or that Rio would be patient enough to stick with me. Well, how wrong was I? Firstly, the CARiFiT workout is an absolute killer (which is a good thing, obviously). Although this was mainly down to the dynamic and strong workout programme that I did, it definitely made a huge difference carrying such a big baby! Fortunately, I am very used to the style and comfort of an Ergobaby carrier, which I’ve been using since the first few weeks since Rio was born. For this particular session, I got to try out the brand new Ergobaby OMNI 360 Cool Air Mesh – which is even more comfortable than the original one I have. It’s super lightweight, with durable mesh fabric, enabling breathability and airflow, which in turn is ideal for warmer temperatures, active lifestyles and when you want to workout with your baba (in other words: the perfect carrier for my session with CARiFiT).



The workout routine I did, was tough, yet really easy to follow and beyond effective. The session was only 20 minutes long, however I was left drenched, with my whole body trembling afterwards (in a good way). One of the (many) things I loved the about this particular style of workout, was how much fun it was, even though it was super intense. The engagement and connection with Rio was also really great, and he just loved bouncing and looking around whilst I was squatting away. The key to the session however, was how quick it was, yet so powerful. Time is never something us mummies have in abundance (nor is a patient baby), so the main priority is finding fitness activities which are quick and productive – and this workout for me, ticked all the right boxes.

Click PLAY to see me in action!


During my CARiFiT session, I also learnt 3 core moves and techniques to follow, all of which helps target those stubborn problem areas – such as arms, glutes, thighs, legs and core (full body movements, in other words). I’m planning on incorporating them a couple of times a week in my regular workout schedule – be it at home, in my back garden, or when I’m in the park for my daily power walk. The ideal thing about this style of workout, is the flexibility to do it on-the-move. 


Being a mum requires a lot of carrying and holding, hence why the bicep curl is really important to help provide you with both upper arm and grip strength. Combined with the super effective curtsey lunge shown in the above video, the combination will help to strengthen the legs and glutes, as well a building much needed endurance to cope with the demanding days…and nights. This workout really helps to tone and trim many common complaint areas for us mummies.


Squat and side kick is a move that will really make you feel the burn in all the right places (trust me!). This move was specifically designed to strengthen and enhance the performance of your lateral core and trunk stabilizer muscles, which in turn takes huge pressure off your back when you are standing and holding baby. The side kick element forces you to fire your glutes and both abductors and adductors, meaning high performing and super toned legs. This move is tough, but well worth mastering.


Why is this move so important? Well, it kind of sums up motherhood in one single exercise: squatting down and picking something up! This move is specifically designed to train your body to do it properly, by using the correct muscle and using your core for support. If there ever was a move that was going to protect you from common motherhood related aches and pains, this is it. 

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Created in collaboration with Ergobaby & CARiFiTAll words, opinions, styling & creative direction are, as always, my own.

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