Sunday’s are just so good. And I love it because it´s totally OK to stay in my pyjamas until lunch time (right!?), I have time to catch up on my reading, bake batches of healthy muffins, set new plans and goals for the week ahead, go for a long afternoon walk, and ending the day with a long soak in the bath and pamper session. What more do you want?


I always have a few books on the go at the same time (all depending on what mood I´m in). One of them is the much celebrated and loved “How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are“. It´s an easy read with lots of inspiring tips and tricks – the perfect Sunday read.

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Countless of cups of herbal tea are consumed throughout the day…



Filled to the brim with inspiring lifestyle articles, quality rich food and interior features, and fashion which you can actually wear.

This is a long-term favourite Scandinavian magazine which I have been reading for years. And every month it just seems to get richer and better, with lots of great Scandi fashion, insider tips and aspiring articles.

I find myself counting down the days until the next magazine drops, just so I can get my latest fashion, beauty and wellness fix. I mean, who doesn´t want to be a PORTER woman?


Asceno Pyjamas
Missoma ´A` Necklace & Diamond Horse Shoe
A selection of Astley Clarke Bracelets
Susan Caplan Gold Signet Ring 


FLOS Light
GRACE: A Memoir by Grace Coddington

St. Barths & Gypset Style by Assouline


Sunday’s are for baking! I love making healthy muffins – they keep for the week, they´re the perfect afternoon snack, an easy breakfast if you´re on-the-go, or just pop them in the freezer and have them whenever!




Makes 10-12 muffins

250g buckwheat flour (or any other flour you desire), 1/2 tsp baking powder, 2 eggs, 250ml almond milk, 120ml coconut syrup (or any sweetener you prefer), 3 medium sized apples apples, 6-7 medium sized carrots, 80ml melted coconut oil, ¼ tsp himalayan salt & a sprinkling of cinnamon and chia seeds. 


Pre-heat oven to 180°C. Grate the carrots and apples. Mix the flour, baking powder and himalayan salt together in a bowl. In a separate bowl, whisk the eggs, milk, melted coconut and coconut syrup together, then mix in the grated carrots and apples. Pour the wet ingredients into the dry mix and stir until combined. Once blended, spoon the mixture into the muffin cases. Sprinkle the cinnamon and chia seeds on top. Bake for 20-25 minutes, then leave to cool.



Sunday’s are also a good time to reflect after the week just gone and mentally start preparing for Monday morning. I like to spend about 30 minutes in the afternoon mapping out all my goals and plans for the coming week. Ever since I´ve started doing this, I’ve found that my Mondays always start off so much more positive, and I have a lot more motivation when I know exactly what I’m doing and what’s on my agenda!



We´re so fortunate to be surrounded by so many incredible parks in our new area. Bushy Park (my favourite) is right on my doorstep, and Richmond Park is always a must – when you´re there, it feels like you´re a world away from London.

A love going on an afternoon walk with my husband through the green, surrounded by deers (yes, there are hundreds of them!) and fresh air; the perfect time to reflect on the week just gone, and start planning for what´s to come.


 Penfield Parka
Nike Leggings
Adidas Trainers


I always end my Sunday with a pamper session starting off with a hot bath filled with lots of bath foam/oils and Epsom salt (great way to detoxify and cleanse the body!) and my weekly facial (read more about my favourite face masks here). I´m not one to spend a lot of time doing my hair, make-up or nails – but when it comes to my bath and skincare routine – I am regimental.


NEOM Organics Bath Foam and Bath & Shower Oil
Bamford Bath Oil
Diptyque Scented Candle

…and on that note, I wish you a lovely Sunday! 




  1. March 20, 2016 / 16:37

    I feel relaxed just reading this! Your tip about taking 30 minutes to map out goals and plans for the coming week is such a good idea – will definitely be giving this a try! Would you mind letting me know where your cup is from? I love it! Olivia xx

    • Anneli Bush
      March 21, 2016 / 10:24

      Hi Olivia,

      That is so kind of you to say, thank you! Yes I promise you, it makes all the difference to your week. The cup is from Indiska, which I bought in Norway, but you might find it online? xx

  2. March 20, 2016 / 17:11

    These are really great things to do on a Sunday. The muffins look amazing, I’ve been searching for a healthy muffin recipe for a while so I’ll definitely try this. I mostly use my Sundays for blogging and reading and sometimes meeting up with friends. x


    • Anneli Bush
      March 21, 2016 / 10:25

      The muffin recipe is so delicious! Have a great week. Anneli x

  3. Kyla
    March 20, 2016 / 20:55

    Love this post – some of my favourite things too but with some great new tips. Happy Sunday!

    • Anneli Bush
      March 21, 2016 / 10:25

      Thank you Kyla! Have a great week! x

    • Anneli Bush
      March 21, 2016 / 10:25

      Thank you Tatjana – so glad you enjoyed it. :) Ax

  4. Hannah
    March 22, 2016 / 23:44

    Gorgeous post! And your home looks beautiful. X

    • Anneli Bush
      April 4, 2016 / 15:06

      Thank you Hannah!

  5. Sophie
    March 23, 2016 / 21:15

    Great post and tips!

    • Anneli Bush
      April 4, 2016 / 15:06

      Pleasure, and thank you!

  6. Priscilla
    March 29, 2016 / 03:37

    Your home gorgeous and I can’t wait to make those muffins this weekend! I love the vase where you have the 2 white roses. I’d ask you where it’s from but I live in NY and it’s probably not available here!

    • Anneli Bush
      April 4, 2016 / 14:49

      Thank you so much Priscilla! It´s actually from H&M Home, but I did get it last year, so might not still be available? Enjoy the muffins!

  7. Hayley
    April 25, 2016 / 13:51

    Hello – lovely couch, I would love to know where you purchased it from and if you have any go-to places for sofas and chairs? X

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