Most weekends, you´ll most likely find me wearing the most non-imaginative concoction of an outfit, mainly consisting of a jeans, sneakers and sweater combo (or ideally, pyjamas)… You get the gist? During the week I definitely make much more of an effort (i.e not resembling someone just rolling out of bed), but some weekends it´s nice changing it up a bit – especially when it involves a lunch date with your girlfriends.


This camo jacket has been the best buy. I got it nearly two years ago, and it´s still going strong (and evidently still popular, as it´s still in stock here). It adds a more edgy vibe to the relatively relaxed outfit, which yes – is still jeans (but I did add a pair of heels and a luxe bag, to glam it up a bit!).


My much debated Topshop “glove” shoes are still going strong, and really are the most comfortable heels I own (and perfect for someone who never wears heels). I also adore the soft grey, which make them stand out less (which for some haters, is a good thing I guess!), and they’re also so easy to throw on with most outfit combos.


Another accessory which is still a wardrobe winner, is my trusted suede fringe Saint Laurent bag – which at first glance might not seem such a classic style – but has definitely proven the test of time in my books. LOVE.


Urban Outfitters Jacket
ASOS Shirt
Topshop Jeans
Topshop Shoes
Saint Laurent Bag
Taylor Morris Sunglasses 

Photos by Rebecca Botin



  1. Lucia
    July 20, 2016 / 11:02

    hi Anneli, im also thinking of buying similar military jacket, would be interesting to see how else would you style it? Thanks.

    • Anneli Bush
      July 25, 2016 / 11:05

      Hi Lucia, will keep that in mind! x

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