You might already know what a facial mist is (or get the jist from the name!), or have no idea at all! Although facial mists, face sprays, hydration mists, beauty toners – whatever you want to call it – have been around for a while, they’re still not necessarily a core staple in everyday´s skincare routine. But they should be – I know I am obsessed (which is pretty obvious from the amount I´ve got!). Here are some old-time favourites, and new ones that I am loving at the moment (and why they can work wonders to your skin).

Basically, facial sprays are the new toners. They’re ideal to help boost skin’s radiance by helping your skin to better absorb good skincare ingredients, restore skin’s pH balance after cleansing, increase your skin’s hydration levels (especially when followed by moisturizer on still-damp skin, and a great way to keep your skin looking fresh and dewy, all day long.


First up (this is super important); not all facial mists are created equal. Some are straight thermal or mineral water, then there are the new more fancy ones, which have water but also hydrating ingredients such as essential oils, botanical extracts etc. Then, there are different ways of using your spray as already mentioned – underneath your moisturiser, as a primer before applying make-up, to hydrate parched skin, to freshen up… The list goes on.


Why does it matter? Well, if you use the one kind in the wrong way (especially the water based ones), you could actually be drying out your skin, instead of hydrating it! Here are the 3 most common ways of using your facial mist, and how to use it – all depending on what you need it for…

1. Mist on clean skin
Always blot of the excess with a tissue – the reason is because without any hydrating ingredients to bind the moisture to your skin, the water just evaporates—making your skin actually DRIER than it was to start with.
2. Mist underneath your moisturiser
…unless you are going to apply your moisturiser straight after – in which case, you don’t need to pat it dry, just apply your moisturizer of choice straight on top. This is also really beneficial as you’re in fact maximising the effects from your moisturiser, by hydrating and dampening the skin – which increasing the absorption.
3. Mist over your make-up
Want that super dewy and fresh look? A facial mist gives a new lease on life to your make-up, adding that fresh and hydrated glow!


Naturally, there are so many amazing facial mists out there. Here are the ones I am using on rotation at the moment – all depending what my skin needs at that time…


First up, is La Roche Posay´s Serozinc Spray (excuse the worn out bottle!) – which is one of my favourites. Not only is this a regular facial mist (the plain one from La-Roche Posay, is this one) – but this one is more active and targeted to oily and blemish-prone skin. Now, I am fortunate enough to not suffer from acne, however I do love this facial mist as your skin is left looking (and feeling) less shiny and greasy – with a smooth and matt look. It also helps calm any redness, and is a super hydrating product.

A relatively new favourite, is Mario Badescu´s Facial Spray with Aloe Herbs & Rosewater – a definite beauty insider staple – and is so refreshing and hydrating, suited to all skin types. Created with a blend of fragrant herbal extracts and rosewater, it lightly refreshes skin whilst boosting hydration and relieving dehydrated, tight complexions. It can even be used on dry hair as a light moisturising mist!

I have been using Dr. Jart Dr. Jart+ Most Moist Water Act Skin Mist for over a year now, and I´m really happy with it. Infused with Oatmeal and Cactus Flower Extracts, it really hydrates dry skin without irritation and helps to reduce moisture loss by promoting moisture retention – as well as softening the skin, with a blend of natural Botanical Extracts including Cranberry, Horse Chestnut and Olive Leaf to help strengthen the skin’s barrier and removes dead skin cells. Ideal for really dry and parched skin. On the pricier side, but does do the trick.

One of the most ironing facial mists is Caudalie´s Beauty Elixir, a long term staple of mine! A personal favourite of Victoria Beckham (if its good enough for VB, its good enough for me!), which recently launched an exclusive collaboration with Jason Wu (also a huge Caudalie fan) with this limited edition packaging. It´s a natural and versatile mist, with benzoin to soothe the skin, myrrh to tone, essential oils of rosemary to energise and lemon balm and peppermint to stimulate, along with orange blossom to soften, rose for radiance, and moisturising and radiance-enhancing grape pulp extract. A great buy, in other words.

One of my beauty staples this summer, has been Institut Esthederm´s Eau Cellulaire Cellular Water Spray – which has been a true life saviour, with all the travelling I´ve been doing. Patented by the Institut Esthederm Research laboratories in 1999, Cellular Water is a replica of the water found in the skin. Ideally balanced in mineral salts and trace elements, it provides the skin with the energy it requires daily to function as its full potential and remain radiantly healthy. It restores freshness, radiance and vitality to the skin. Love it.

Last, but not least – a newcomer to the scene (for me, anyways) – is Doux Me Pure Spring Mist. This mineral-rich spring water, helps brighten the complexion, hydrate thirsty skin, refreshes and calms the skin. It´s a really easy product to use, ideal for all skin types, and elps protect and soothe the complexion


That´s my current favourites… Which ones do you love? 



  1. October 26, 2016 / 12:01

    I only have tried one actually, the Pixy glow mist and absolutely love it.
    It smells devine!
    Have a great day Anneli!

    • Anneli Bush
      October 30, 2016 / 22:08

      Thanks Tatjana!

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