THE SOURCE Juice Cleanse

THE SOURCE Juice Cleanse

Prior to my honeymoon, I embarked on another 3-day juice cleanse – this time with The Source, a London based juicery. I wanted to feel and look my upmost best prior to my holiday, so I was excited to get started!

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The Juices 

The Source offer three different juice cleanse programmes: Foundation (Beginner), Renovation (Intermediate) and Transformation (Expert) – for 1, 3 or 5 days. I opted for the Transformation programme for 3 days, which contains a higher level of greens. I am not claiming to be a pro or an expert, however I don´t shy away from a challenge (and there´s no denying – I do love my greens!).





4. THE GARDEN (as above)

5. DR. DETOX (as above)





As The Source recommend, to maximise the benefits of a cleanse, its crucial to prepare for the cleanse beforehand! They recommend you start 3 days before a 3 day cleanse (5 before a 5 day cleanse, etc.) – which if you think about it, makes a lot of sense. What´s the point of binging and eating heavy foods right before a cleanse – which will in turn, only put your body in more shock when switching over to just liquids, as well as give you rather uncomfortable detoxifying side effects!?

How to prepare?  Eliminate all alcohol, tea and coffee, sugar, processed foods, dairy (milk, cheese, yoghurt), meat and gluten grains (wheat, rye, oats, barley). Eat fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fish or eggs. Choose organic (where possible) to avoid unnecessary exposure to pesticides and chemicals, which will further stress the liver. Drink a lot of water, green and herbal teas every day. 


As recommended, I started each day with a glass of warm water with lemon juice, which supports the detoxification process and overall digestion. Then I drank each juice in their numbered order (which was clearly labelled) – consuming them approximately every two to three hours. On top of this, I drank 3L of filtered water and about 2-3 cups of green and herbal tea (my favourite are nettle and fennel).


Day 1

As I had prepared in advance, the first day went pretty smooth. Although this was the “expert” cleanse, each juice was surprisingly sweet and pleasant (bar The Garden juice, which was much more sour). As they each have a large content of vegetables mixed with fruit and some extra supplements such as Maca), they were all very satisfying. The Almond Milk was delicious, however I decided to add even more cinnamon (I am obsessed with this spice) and chucked it in along with some ice in Vitamix, which was super yummy and even more filling.

As always when on a juice cleanse, I ended the day with a bath (mixed with epsom salts and lavender) and went to bed early, aiming for at least 8-hours sleep.

Day 2

I woke up super refreshed, and after the first morning juice, I attended a 90 min Yoga class, which felt so good. I had some afternoon meetings, which meant I had to bring two of the juices with me, which is not ideal, as they´re supposed to stay cool. I started to flag a bit in the afternoon, but powered through and couldn’t wait to get back home for the Almond Milk, a bath, some light reading and yet another early night!

Day 3

I slept like a baby and woke up feeling amazing! It´s the last day (which feels pretty good) and in turn gave me much more energy to power through the day. After attending a mid-day Pilates class and a long walk through the park, I stayed home for the rest of the day to start packing for my honeymoon! Luckily I had so much energy all that day – and for once during a juice cleanse, I felt like I could have gone on with the cleanse for a few more days!

I felt light, clear headed and energised by the end of it – pretty much the best feeling ever (and not even craving any real solids)!



A really solid juice cleanse. Obviously all their juices are cold-pressed, however the thing I loved the most about The Source, is that they use 100% organic fruits and vegetables and whenever possible, source local ingredients. Each juice was really tasty – although The Garden juice is to a particular taste, with the Parsley and Maca powder – the rest were super yummy and filling. At first I was a bit sceptical having two of the same juices twice a day, but overall it didn’t matter, as they were both so satisfying.

Another positive was the super fresh branding and packaging (I am such a sucker for good presentation), and the overall customer service, clear instructions and labelling – which makes such a difference. When embarking on a juice cleanse, you pretty much want it made super easy, which The Source offered.

In the following days post the cleanse – my skin was bright, I felt super energised (ready to fly across to the other side of the world!) and my stomach felt a lot flatter (always a good thing before a beach holiday).  As well as needing to prepare prior to the cleanse, they also recommend you to be careful after the cleanse, by slowly introducing solids gradually; starting with fruit and vegetables, gluten-free grains and nuts and seeds. This is also maximises the effects of the cleansing process – and which made all the difference when it came to my own personal results – I felt amazing!

Order & Price Information: 

1 day cleanse is £80, 3 day cleanse is £240 and a 5 day cleanse is £380.

The Source UK Retail Locations here





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      Good luck! x

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