We have been dreaming about creating a proper, designated playroom for the kids for quite some time now. It’s definitely something Rio has requested, more so since moving into a bigger house with additonal space. Albeit, the room has been more or less done for quite some time, I have finally had the capacity and time (since Jade started kindergarten a few weeks ago), to pull off all the finishing touches, and the room has been a real game-changer in our household. Although they still have their bedrooms upstairs with all their toys, and a mini play-area in the lounge, the downstairs playroom is just theirs, and a place to have real fun and alone-time. Somewhere for Rio to hang with his mates, some alone time (away from his sister), or more recently, with both Rio and Jade being down there, happily (most of the time), playing together. 

The key was to incorporate Rio’s new desk and wall bar system from KAOS. This is a Norwegian kids brand which contacted me a few months after Jade was born, to model their new baby changing backpacks and weekend bags (which are super nice by the way). As well as various other products – including their hugely popular and super stylish high chair (which we also have, and love) – they have created an ingenious and totally customisable wall bar system – where you can connect a desk table, as well as various organiser and shelfs. It’s such a genius concept, as well as it looks so good. Typically Scandinavian style – in the best way possible. We actually mounted this over 6 months ago, and have been styling and working the room around it.

Stylistically, I wanted to create a real inviting, cosy and tranquil space; yet playful and creative. The key was to pick up on the ash coloured wood of the wall bar system (which fortunately for us, was a great match with the existing wooden flooring), and bring lots of natural materials and elements to the space – such a the wool rug, the rattan wall decor, baskets and chair, the wooden bookshelf and toy organiser, and the green plants. Overall, it’s a tonal colour palette, with all the wood, rattan and the warm-grey  walls – with the additional pops of colours, with the large photo on the wall (one of my favourite Slim Aarons prints), the toys, books and greenery.

I’m also really happy with the wooden desk chair I found from Nofred. I love the mouse ear shape, for some added playfulness to the room, and it’s a spot-on match for KAOS desk and wall bar set-up.

KAOS offer their canvas organisers in different colours, but as the plan was to keep the room in a tonal colour palette (to also make the space feel even bigger), I picked the perfect pale grey. Currently, they’re housing all of Rio’s pencils, pens, paper and books. Neatly stored away, yet instantly accessible.

For the kids storage, we opted for IKEA’s classic Trofast model (we got two alongside each other), with lightweight and clean-looking plastic boxes to house all of their toys, LEGO, puzzles, and more. Alongside some matching book shelves (also from IKEA), and some spacious baskets and all the other storage, they have everything they need on hand, yet things can easily be stored away, so they have actual space to play, create and have fun.

Note: The KAOS items were all gifted. All opinions, words, styling & creative direction are, as always, my own. 


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