I have spoken a bit about natural skincare before on the blog, and why I love it so much – but I haven´t really delved into what specific products and brands I love, and why I continue to keep natural and mainly organic beauty brands as part of my daily skincare routine, balanced out with more active (non-natural and organic) ingredients… 

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More and more of the brands I use, are nearly 100% natural with mainly, certified organic ingredients. But with the combination of being a self-confessed beauty junkie and working in this industry – I am fortunate enough to try a lot of different products and brands – some of which are not all natural, but contain super active ingredients to target specific concerns (be it Vitamin C, collagen, pigmentation) – which I still use as part of my daily regimen. When that said, I hope one day I will only be using natural products – not only for it´s pure ingredients, but for long-term health and beauty – from the inside and out. I am more and more cautious of what goes on my skin and hair – goes straight into my body… Not always the best thing, if you think about it!

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When that said, I don´t always get along with all natural skincare brands (for various reasons) and have had to play around to discover what works for me… Here are some of the brands and specific products that I am loving right now…

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For centuries in the Amazon, women from the Quechua-Shuar Tribes travelled deep into the Amazon rainforest to follow a beauty ritual and prepare highly potent, restorative oil they call Rahua – believing it to be the secret to their thick, flowing and lustrously shiny hair. In the 1990’s these women shared Rahua’s power with renowned New York stylist and colorist Fabian Lliguin, a native Ecuadorian of Quechua descent – and that´s when the 100% natural hair and body brand was born. The Rahua brand is passionately committed to creating the most clean and efficacious 100% natural formulas on the market – all of which are vegan, organic, sulfate free, paraben free, gluten free and cruelty free. My personal favourites include their ShampooConditioner, and iconic Hair Elixir.   

All of the Yes To products are made with at least 95% natural ingredients (you
can tell the exact percentage on the front of each package). The full line includes paraben free shampoos, conditioners, body butters, and daily SPF skincare – with lots of delicious ranges, including carrot, cucumber, tomato, blueberry, grapefruit, coconut and various miracle oils. My favourite range is their Coconut products – ideal for dry skin and hair. 

Aromatherapy Associates have been sharing the therapeutic benefits of essential oils for over 30 years. Observing the positive effects the oils had on their clients, they used their deep passion for blending oils to develop a range of luxury skin care, home fragrance and bath and body oils. Using only the purest natural ingredients, Aromatherapy Associates’ blends of essential oils calms the mind, balances the emotions and eases strains and muscular tensions in the body. Choose from their wide range for a more holistic approach to wellbeing. My all-time favourite product is their Inner Strength Bath and Shower Oil

This brand has one product only so far, and that is the Evanesce Crème – made out of raw, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil which is vegan friendly and cruelty free – so not only great for your skin, but for your conscience as well! Virgin coconut oil is solid up to around 24C, so when you take some on your finger tip, it starts to melt as soon as you rub it on your skin, making it easy to smooth over the areas you want to moisturise. This highly effective multi-use crème can be used as a makeup remover, facial cleanser, hair mask, skin moisturiser, scarring, and as an antiseptic.

Made in London, Pai is an organic and natural British brand through and through – but they borrowed the Maori word “pai”, meaning “goodness”, as it sums up what PAI believes in. All Pai products are free from Parabens, Alcohol, Phenoxyethanol, Petrochemicals, Detergents (SLS/SLES) and artificial fragrance. They also avoid anything that has the potential to upset or imbalance sensitive skin – what they put into our products is just as important as what they leave out. They only use the highest quality organic ingredients, creating the best performing products. I have been using this brand for years now, and my can´t-live-without product is their bestselling Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil

Founded by Kristy Goodger-Cimesa, a specialist in holistic medicine and skincare, Elemental Herbology is a range of high-performance, luxurious and nutritious products, using only premium-grade herbs, flowers, minerals and actives – which help the skin to adapt when it is struggling to cope with changes in environment, ageing and lifestyle. Made using bio-active ingredients and sophisticated technology, their products deliver advanced solutions for a radiant and healthy complexion. My two all term favourites from their range, include the Facial Soufflé Overnight Cream and Hyaluronic Booster Plus

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Dr.Hauschka has been providing award winning skincare for the last 40 years. Delivering natural and authentic beauty the Dr. Hauschka UK range of organic skincare is loved by celebrities and women across the world. This unique collection of products supports skins natural functions and helps restore and maintain a balanced complexion by stimulating and strengthening its protective capabilities against harsh environmental factors. My go-to´s include the Rose Day Cream and the Blackthorn Toning Body Oil

In 2010 Earth tu Face began with two herbalists, a garden, and focus on creating a purely plant-based 100% natural skincare line, free of toxins or synthetic compounds. Since then, they have grown their skincare line from the ground up, intentionally choosing plants that heal, restore and rejuvenate skin cells – believing that you should never put on your skin what you wouldn’t put in your mouth. Every ingredient they include in our products is there for a specific therapeutic reason, they don´t use fillers of any kind, meaning every ingredient in our products is an “active” ingredient. My all-time favourite product, is the All-Purpose Skin Stick

Herbivore Botanicals products are hand made in small batches in Seattle, Washington and the company is a standout leader in the natural skincare world. Created using only natural ingredients, GMO free soy wax and many certified organic ingredients – all their products are safe, non-toxic, and highly effective – and all their packaging is recyclable and reusable. The result is pure, highly concentrated, and effective formulas, which are all original, created and tested by real people (not on animals) — combining essential vitamins, minerals, and botanicals to restore skin to its optimum health and vitality. I love this brand so much, and just a few of my favourites, include the Pink Clay Exfoliating Mask, Sea Mist Salt Spray, Lapis Facial Oil and the Detox Dead Sea Bath Salts

Founded by Carole Bamford in 2006 in the UK, her passion for organic farming is evident in the purity of Bamford bath and body products. Using only the finest natural and organic ingredients to ensure a luxurious, holistic experience – ensuring it´s not only good for your skin, but the environment too. Free from harmful chemicals, then wrapped in recyclable packaging. Favourites include the Botanic Nurture Balm and the Geranium Bath Oil

Fascinated from an early age by the uses of the Alpine plants in the Bregenzer Forest where she grew up, Susanne Kaufmann has crafted a range of results-driven skincare using precious natural ingredients. Her eponymous, holistic skincare range formulated for targeted results, is packed with organic, energy-rich oils and locally sourced active plant ingredients – including Chamomile, Sage and St. John’s Wort. Her skincare is dedicated to skin-specific treatments and organic blends that target health and skin issues from the inside and out. My go-to product is their Rose Oil


The founder of French natural skincare brand, INDEMNE has studied essential oils for decades, testing them for herself and for others with patience and dedication. Believing in simple and natural ways to feel better, the creation of INDEMNE is the outcome of a personal approach focused on nature and the desire to help others to be healthier. Composed of essential oils combined with other natural ingredients, such as complex and powerful essential oils. I particularly love the Gimme Smooth! Slimming Lotion and the Miss Ella Cleansing Lotion

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