There comes a point in any relationship, that one just has to stop caring what your other half thinks of your style. Don´t get me wrong, I do care, and I do get affected by my husband´s less than enthusiastic response when I choose to wear anything too ´fashion`. But as I was saying, there just comes that point when I find a piece that I love so much, that I couldn’t give a flying monkeys whether he likes them or not (no offence, hubby). The fashion piece in question? The Givenchy Chain Mules – which let´s face it, are totally man repelling – but then again, what does it matter? 

givenchy (2 of 13) givenchy (7 of 13)givenchy (11 of 13)
Sliders, mules – anything easy to slip into, which is comfortable at the same time, and looks insanely good (in my opinion) – is always going to be a winner. I love the chunky fit, the androgynous style and the chain of these ones, which is just the cherry on the top.

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The chunky chain and the masculine style, just instantly adds that element of edge to any outfit; balancing out a more feminine look, complements any neutral and casual style, or creates a statement with an all-black ensemble (which I know I have vowed to wear less off, but hey, a leopard never changes it´s spots…).

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This is just such a ´me` outfit; casual jeans, a fun sweater, a black coat or gilet, teamed with my favourite, classic accessories. And really, bar the mules (which in my eyes is the ideal investment if you´re looking for some super chic and edgy sliders this season) – the rest of the outfit is just plain sailing and simple – no fuss, no frills… Hence why I can easily get away with these man repellers, without too much of a moan from my other half (only joking).

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Colourful Rebel Sweater
ASOS Jeans
Hobbs Gilet
Givenchy Mules
Gucci Bag
Ray Ban Sunglasses 



  1. May 8, 2017 / 16:34

    I’m on the hatting boat regarding mules as well, sorry Anneli!
    The rest of the outfit is just beautiful.
    Love from

    • Anneli Bush
      May 13, 2017 / 16:06

      Haha, no offence! :)

    • Anneli Bush
      May 23, 2017 / 14:57

      Thank you!

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