There’s definitely no coincidence that I have upped my beauty skincare game since becoming pregnant. I thought I was pretty savvy before; but in the last few months, I have researched, trialled, tested and read about the latest innovations, launches, must-have and under-the-radar products, like there’s no tomorrow… And as much as I love and adore so many cult beauty classics and rely on several reputable and tested brands for results; I love nothing more than coming across those under-the-radar beauty gems, which turn out to be skincare game-changers – especially now that I’m moving into my seventh month of pregnancy (when the need for luxury and beauty combined, is even more important than ever)…

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I am sure many of you wonder how I determine my criteria for choosing and testing products, and ultimately what makes the cut to the blog – and I’m also pretty sure a lot of you might question whether I actually manage to get through all the beauty bits that I am (very fortunately) sent. And yes, there is no beating around the bush; I do get sent a lot of products. And no, I don’t get through everything (thanking my mum and sister in advance for doing a lot of the testing for me!) – but I am strict with my policy, and I have stayed true to myself when it comes to only ever featuring brands and products which I genuinely think have that extra point of difference (and that I have personally used myself) and not to mention, which actually work. When that said, we all have different skin types, concerns and of course, budgets. So I like to think that I do feature a bit for everyone (at least I hope I do!).


I am all for trying more simple, low-key and affordable skincare brands – as I have discovered that so many categories, especially things like cleansing lotions and micellar waters, are just as good as the more high-end versions. However there are certain things I don’t scrimp on, such as SPF, good quality face serums and body moisturisers – the latter of which is so important now that I’m pregnant. But I am not saying that really luxurious quality equals in breaking the bank… As I discovered when I came across Unity Beauty Essentials – one of those amazing under-the-radar brands, developed and designed especially for pregnancy.

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So naturally when I discovered their beautiful products, during my hunt for high quality, pregnancy safe body treatments – I just had to share the range with you. The brand founder, Parvathi Nair – a veteran of the beauty industry & an expectant mum – discovered there was a distinct lack of choice for high quality pregnancy products. She brought together a team of experts (doctors, scientists, beauty experts and new mums) to create this range; guided by safety, created for results and designed to delight… From stretch mark smoothers to itchy skin soothers and top to toe hydrators – the problem-solving range will have you covered for any pre-natal beauty concerns. The packaging is so stunning, and actually something you would be proud to have on show on your bathroom shelf (always a plus!) – oh, and the past part? The brand only uses natural ingredients, with all products being free from mineral oils, parabens, petrolatum, sulphates, phthalates, DEA and gluten… Music to my ears. 

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So let’s get to it shall we: introducing the three hero products from the range, how I have been using them, and of course to the all important – the results.


The brand’s signature ingredient is Indian Gooseberry (don’t worry, I had no idea what this was either!) – but apparently it’s regarded as the ultimate ‘Pregnancy Superfruit’, and one of the most beneficial, natural ingredients for pregnancy & beauty. The brand has launched three products so far – which can be used in conjunction, or on it’s own – all depending on your needs. I have been testing all three for the last 4 months, and here is why I am convinced…

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The non-greasy, fast absorbing formula means there’s no need to wait around between application and getting dressed, making the Daily Body Hydrator the ideal moisturising fix when rushed for time. The lightweight hydrator is like a tall drink of water for your skin and helps protect skin from dehydration. Filled with Indian Gooseberry extract, avocado oil and sweet almond oil, it is the perfect addition to pre-natal body care routines and will leave skin soft and smooth to touch.

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Why I love it?
Because of it’s lightweight gel consistency, which is such an energy and rehydrating boost for your skin. I also really like the fact that it’s super fast absorbing and easy to apply.

How I’ve been using it?
I have been applying this every morning after my shower, from top to toe. I used to find applying lots of creams and lotions quite a faff, but this super light and easy gel formula, makes it so much easier, quicker and more pleasurable to apply.

The results?
I have suffered from really dehydrated skin for years, and this thirst quenching body hydrator, has really helped with my parched and dry skin, leaving it super soft, smooth and nourished.   

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The Complete Duo is the first-ever stretch mark cream and oil to come together in one single product. With double the benefits in one product, this dual action cream + oil formula is encased in a dual-chambered pump for a mess-free application. The water-based cream works on the surface while the nutrients in the oils penetrate into skin, helping to prevent and reduce the risk of stretch marks while improving skin elasticity. Additionally, any dryness and itchiness that women feel as their baby grows will quickly be soothed away. A blend of omega-rich avocado, coconut, sweet almond and rosehip oils, along with the brand’s signature ingredient, the Indian Gooseberry that’s packed with antioxidants and vitamins.

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Why I love it?
You all know I love multi-purpose beauty products to save on space(who doesn’t?!) – but I also love really active and intense products which can offer that ‘double-effect’ when it comes to beauty. The hydrating cream combined with the rich oil is a powerhouse for your pregnancy skin. 

How I’ve been using it?
As I have been so vigilant with my skincare routine, I have been using this near enough every day on the main areas of concerns for stretch marks, such as my belly, breasts, bum and thighs. 

The results?
Again, the texture is incredible; both the cream and oil is nice and rich, yet non-greasy and absorbs really fast. The cream has been great for really moisturising the skin, and the oil deeply penetrates into the skin – improving the overall skin texture and elasticity. And so far, no stretch marks in sight! 



Locking in nutrients known to repair dry and undernourished skin, this luxurious, rich and buttery soft cream body nourisher provides immediate relief of dryness and tightness. Enriched with essential nutrients, its rich texture locks in moisture and helps nourish skin. With a combination of mango seed butter, shea butter, sweet almond oil and Indian gooseberry extract, skin is rejuvenated, pampered and soothed at the same time.

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Why I love it?
As much as I love lightweight, non-greasy and more cooling body care formulas (especially during the summer time) – there is always a time and a place throughout all seasons, when your skin needs that extra level of rich moisture. 

How I’ve been using it?
As it’s been quite hot as of late, I have been using this a few times a week before bedtime – applying it to areas of my body which are more prone to dryness. 

The results?
As I’ve been travelling to different climates this summer, and the weather at home in London has been going from hot-to-cold quite frequently, my skin has been playing up. This intense moisturiser has been rich and effective enough to intensely nourish and soothe my skin’s texture and overall complexion. 


What are your pregnancy skincare essentials? 

As I am such a big fan of the brand, I am super excited to have teamed up with them to get a special 10% off your first order – just pop in UNITY15 as your promo code. Let me know what you think if you start using it too!




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  1. Christine
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    Hi Anneli
    Your hair looks lovely and thick in these photos.

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      Thank you :)

  2. July 30, 2017 / 18:20

    Nice post and collection! I love the fact that you give us details about why you love it and the results, I’m definitely going to recommend it to my friends!

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      Thanks so much Elena – so happy to hear that!

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    Your hair looks nice. What hair brush do you use?

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      Thank you! I use a Tangle Teezer :)

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