I get a lot of e-mails and comments from you lovely readers about my diet, and recipe ideas/tips. I am a self-proclaimed foodie – and although I have finally reached the most balanced stage I have ever been at when it comes to my diet (something about hitting 30, I tell ya) – I always tend to favour more healthy, wholesome food options, bursting with flavour. I´m a Pescaterian (I eat fish, no meat), and have limited dairy and gluten in my diet – for no real reason other than it makes me feel better. Here I´ve compiled some of my go-to cookbooks, containing some of my favourite type of foods and recipes – all with real, no-nonsense diet philosophies.

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Not only have these cookbooks shaped the way I perceive, treat and consume food; they’re also constant sources of inspiration, if I ever fall off my healthy journey, great go-to´s for dinner parties, and every-day staples. Although I more often than not tend to free style cook, I really rely on these cook books for guidance – on all different levels. Hope you find it somewhat useful too!

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From vegetarian, Italian, salad based, alkaline… Here are my current go-to´s.

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I´ll start with the classics; the two cook books which definitely kicked off my healthy and wholesome food journey several years back, and which made the biggest impact on my diet. Both books have a thorough section covering all the basics when it comes to alkaline and wholesome no-diet diets. The first book is Honestly Healthy (by Natasha Corrett & Vicky Edgson). It was the first vegetarian cookbook I owned, and with so many delicious breakfast, smoothies, juice, mains, snacks and treat ideas, it definitely spurred me onto my healthy journey. After a year or so, I moved onto the more advanced book from Nutritional Therapist, Amelia Freer (I am her biggest fan) with Eat. Nourish. Glow – taking me that step further on my knowledge path. Amelia is so incredibly inspiring; I love the way she writes and explains things (trust me, it will all make sense), her general nutritional ethos and wealth of knowledge. To sum it up, both books are excellent reads, which covers the way of eating and living – as well as lots of healthy and easy recipes to follow.

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I love making salads (my friends call me the ´salad queen`), and I really enjoy playing around with different ingredients, flavours, food pairings and dressings. Nothing is more satisfying than concocting a giant, wholesome salad (it´s my specialty at any dinner party). During the summer especially, it´s my go-to dish, but as I mentioned, I like to have it all year around. Although I´m pretty creative when it comes to my ingredients and combinations, I am a big fan of the book Salad Love (by David Pez), whenever I am feeling a bit stuck, or need a bit more inspiration to bring to the table. With focus on quick and easy salads, categorised by season (love this), it´s the perfect investment for a salad lover, or if you´re lacking inspiration with your own concoctions!

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After reading and obsessing over Amelia Freer´s first book, Eat.Nourish.Glow, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her second book, Cook. Nourish. Glow. Her first book was a lot more theory based with less recipes, so I was excited to delve into her new book with 120 of her favourite dishes! What I particularly love about Amelia, is that she´s not a self-proclaimed chef. But she knows what she´s talking about (clearly) and creates really simple, easy, no-nonsense dishes, which are not only achievable, but super delicious. Ready Steady Glow, by the utterly charming and lovely Madeleine Shaw – and another recent investment, is quickly becoming one of my go-to favourites. Except for the meat dishes, I have wanted to make every single one of her dishes. Sure, a few of her recipes include more specialised ingredients (all easily purchased via Amazon), but the concept is pretty easy and the type of food is right up my street: healthy – without compromising on flavour or taste.

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These books are two of my favourites – especially when it comes to really minimalistic and simple wholesome food. The Sprouted Kitchen (by Sara Forte) is full of delicious, healthy recipes – with a twist. With lots of raw and green options, buckwheat tarts to nori popcorn, crispy avocado wedges to sesame date yogurt cups… In other words, my type of food. Nordic Light (by Simon Bajada) is my most recent cook book investment. Naturally, I am a sucker for Scandinavian food – and this is probably the nicest concoction I have come across. Not only is the overall ethos and presentation appealing; the recipes are a modern, healthy and wholesome take on Scandinavian food. Taking the core ingredients and concept, and transforming it into dishes I would have never thought of (the whole idea of cook books I guess). I´m always left feeling full, satisfied and super inspired from just reading it (always a good thing)

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I´ve always been weak for Italian food. Every since visiting Sicily and Sardinia when I was a little girl, I´ve had the appetite for the fresh, coastal style food – filled to the brim with fish, vegetables, legumes, pulses, olive oil… My talented friend Nina Parker came out with Nina Capri a little while back, with recipes from Italy´s Amalfi Coast. Not surprisingly it´s mouthwatering, from start to end. It´s definitely a healthier take of the Italian cuisine, with so many simple, fresh and quick recipe ideas. A definite must-buy.



  1. Martha-Sophia
    March 8, 2017 / 17:36

    Great post.
    Good food is so important for the body and soul. That said I love eating…
    I am sure you have already heard of her but you could also love the books of Ella Woodward “Deliciously Ella”.
    Love her approach to create nourishing meals with simple ingredients.
    Since buying the first book in December 2015 her meals have become a go-to staple in my weekly planing and I am hooked.
    Especially the “Everyday” version is great for meal prep on a Sunday.

    Love those foodie blog-articles, keep them coming.
    Xx Martha-Sophia

    • Anneli Bush
      March 27, 2017 / 10:38

      Hi Martha-Sophia! Lovely to hear from you. Yes I am really familiar with her, I have all her books too! I like her recipes, but I don´t seem to cook from them as much as these ones, I don´t know why! :)

      Glad you enjoyed the article! Ax

  2. Louise
    March 10, 2017 / 10:12

    Could you tell me where your lovely shirt is from?

    • Anneli Bush
      March 21, 2017 / 15:08

      It´s an old one from Selected Femme!

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