This type of outfit pretty much sums up my style at the moment (when I’m not in my Lululemon/Sweaty Betty fitness gear – which is pretty much 80% of the time, let’s be honest). It’s nice to make an effort when I finally do decide to dress up, but since becoming a mama, I have definitely become way more casual with my style, and I’m finding myself streamlining my wardrobe a lot – in terms of identifying what I’m wearing the most; which are more than often the pieces which are comfortable, great quality and super versatile… 

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If I may say so myself, I am in love with this outfit. The combination is not something I ever thought I would be wear; with the masculine check blazer, combined with the long, fitted dress, and some sneakers – but it really works in my opinion. Most importantly, I feel super comfortable wearing this, and I overall I think it’s a really sophisticated, yet casual look, which I love. The best part? All the components are really classic and easy to combine.

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I have to admit, I’m not finding myself having to make such an effort with my style on a daily basis any more; as I’m dedicating so much of my time to Rio and his daily activities and classes, so naturally, I’m gravitating more towards chic workout leggings and simple tops. That’s not to say I don’t love changing out of this, digging out new and old pieces from my wardrobe – but I’m definitely finding myself building more of an edited, capsule wardrobe. Which means, clearing out the stuff which is still gorgeous, but I just don’t wear any longer (or I have too many similar things to). Check out my blog shop for weekly uploads.

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So to sum it up, I have just started to really identify what I’m wearing the most, and clearing out styles and shapes which no longer fit into my new lifestyle. It’s sad to say goodbye to so many of my favourites, but it also feels pretty liberating to be honest. Not to mention, it’s also very necessary, as I’ve decided to get rid of my walk-in-wardrobe and turn it into Rio’s bedroom – meaning I have to clear out nearly 50% of my wardrobe (eek!).

But for once, that feels OK :)

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Massimo Dutti Blazer
Me+Em Dress
John Lewis Trainers (on sale now) 
Givenchy Sunglasses
Meli Melo Bag 



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