At long last, I’ve managed to capture Rio’s playroom! I still can’t believe my (not so little) baby is coming up to 16 months old in just a few weeks. He’s the most curious and alert little boy which never misses a trick. He’s super active, loves books, building blocks, animals, cuddling, kissing, and running around the house causing havoc. I have been wanting to create a playful little den and sanctuary in our house for ages – somewhere just for him, with lots of fun and relaxing elements, with all his favourite toys and books, and a teepee he can escape into.

rioplayroom (3 of 41)rioplayroom (6 of 41)

I never knew how much stuff a baby would acquire, and how much they could spread out. Fortunately we have the space in the house we’re in now, and this is one of his three play areas (he’s also got a play area in the kitchen/lounge, as well as his nursery). This particular playroom is currently located in our study (which used to be our ‘dumping room’ and drying room). To spruce up the room, we laid down herringbone flooring, to match the rest of the house and painted everything in fresh white. As the room is in the middle of the house (in-between the front lounge and the kitchen/lounge at the back), it doesn’t get a lot of light, other than through one small skylight, so we also fitted dimmer spot lights in here to make it as bright as possible (or cosy with lower lights).

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The aim with this room was creating a room full on fun, with a nod to an animal theme, with lots of soft elements such as cuddly toys and cushions, and all his favourite books and wooden toys (he loves plastic ones too, but they didn’t make the shot, haha). In contrast to his light and bright nursery – I wanted something with more colour and darker tones, to make the room a bit more ‘boyish’. I instantly created this via the round statement rug I chose, which straight away added a bit more edge to the otherwise white and neutral space.

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I got this initial print and super star print wall to fill the wall space, and they really compliment this little corner. I was originally going to hang a simple book rack on this wall, but as he loves getting them out all the time, I just tend to store them all in one of his toy storage bags or baskets for easy access.

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This giant bunny was a great addition to the room, and Rio loves trying to drag it into the teepee with him. He’s obsessed with all of his soft toys, so I made sure I filled a whole basket full of his favourite ones.

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Having a teepee tent in this room was another key essentials (he loves playing peekaboo). I got the teepee with a matching padded soft play mat to have inside, and filled it with cushions and toys to make it soft and comfortable for him, as well as a matching soft and squidgy bean bag.

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I got this vintage ‘Bush’ radio for Sam nearly 10 years ago, and it’s the perfect addition to the shelf unit (especially as he loves music and dancing!).

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Rio, may you always continue to be curious, loving, lighthearted and my fun little explorer. 

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Wilfire Teepees Printed Teepee
Wildfire Teepees Printed Play Mat
Wildfire Teepees Bean Bag
H&M Giraffe Wall Decoration (sold out, similar here)
H&M Round Printed Rug
H&M Lion Printed Cushion Cover
H&M Giraffe Printed Cushion Cover (sold out, other animals here)
My 1st Years Personalised Giant Bunny
My 1st Years Personalised Grey Storage Bag
My 1st Years Personalised London Bus Toy
Wayfair Straw Storage Baskets 
(I painted the bottom part white)
Roscoe Rules Super Star Print
Roscoe Rules Initial Print
Etsy Horse Print
Hema ‘R’ Paper Letter Light 

Leave me a comment if there is something else you want to know where is from! 



    • Anneli Bush
      February 19, 2019 / 18:33


  1. Nell
    March 9, 2019 / 08:12

    Absolutely love your designs and post – gorgeous home! :)

    Can you tell me which carpenter/contractors you used?

    • Anneli Bush
      March 15, 2019 / 07:04

      Thank you so much! Please e-mail me directly and I will pass on number :)

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