December 26, 2014

Who doesn’t want glossy and voluminous hair? Its something I for one am always striving for. There are so many factors that can make your hair limp, flat and greasy; one of those factors for sure, is living in a big city, with the pollution and pace of living.  For years, I completely cut out all hair products, as I felt it made my hair even heavier. However my hair would always still feel quite limp. Two of the products which have been haircare saviours for me – is Philip Kingsley Trichotherapy Volumising Protein Spray and Wella SP Luxe Oil (preferably combined)


Firstly, after shampooing and conditioning my hair (I use Sassoon products – see post here) – I lightly towel dry my hair, using the Philip Kingsley spray to spritz throughout the roots and ends, combing it all through. I find that it gives my hair so much more volume, yet makes my hair feel super light and shiny. I finish off by using 2-3 pumps of the Wella SP Luxe Oil, lightly distributed throughout the ends (don’t touch the roots), which gives my hair that extra shine and gloss.

Tip: With everything – be it skincare, make-up or hair care – its important to change things up every so often, so your skin or hair continues to work and react; yet its important to maintain consistency and to keep a routine for some time, so you can see and feel the full effects from it. Also, try not to swap or change products all the time – give it at least 3 months with a set few products, before changing things up again. 


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