Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always had a thing for interiors. I used to re-arrange and re-style my bedroom near enough every week for years and years; I just loved playing around with objects, layouts and spaces (and still do to this day). My main thing was that I would so easily get bored with a certain look, so I would keep changing things around. Slightly annoying for my parents I guess, but at least it kept me entertained for hours! And although I’m much more confident and decisive when it comes to interiors now; that need for constant change and newness within my home is still there…

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My top interior tip (without breaking the bank)? 

Focus on making your main space white and clean, investing in good quality flooring, kitchens and bathrooms – and rather keep the accessories more affordable and easy, so you have the flexibility to keep adding a fresh new look to your home. One of the first and easiest ways to do this, whilst still making a bit of an impact, is acquiring some new wall art. I’m not talking investment oil paintings or ultra expensive photography here, but just some lovely prints and frames – which can really make all the difference to your space, whether it’s a splash of colour to an otherwise muted room, or just some simple, elegant pieces to finish off a look.

Hence why I’m super excited to have teamed up with leading online Scandinavian poster destination, Desenio – which has a huge assortment of amazing and really affordable prints (nearly too much to choose from sometimes!), to pick some new pieces for my walls. I chose the three spaces in the house where I felt I needed an updated look, and here are the styles I went for.


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The first priority was replacing my existing gallery wall in our kitchen/lounge area. The existing prints that have been up here still looked fine, but they’ve been there for ages, and I was just a bit bored with the colour way and composition. It took time to find something new which would work even better, and fortunately I came across this existing gallery wall set-up on the site – which was the perfect fit for the room. I love the contrast of prints; with the bright mosaic fountain, combined with the sketch and faded pastel ocean. The size of the frames work so well on this wall too. I actually opted for much larger and higher frames then I had before, which I think look so much better, as it really lifts and creates more height to the overall space.

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The colours are spot on for this corner; with the splash of turquoise (which immediately picks up the other turquoise print I already have above the dining table, along with various other similarly coloured accessories). The remaining two prints are more muted and elegant, blending in effortlessly – yet still enough to make an overall impact. I also opted for all white wooden frames (also from the site), to keep the overall look clean and consistent, maintaining the focus on the prints.

Mosaic Fountain Poster / Gaze 475 Poster / White Sand Poster

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Moving onto the next spaces, which is the top floor with our two guest bedrooms. Both rooms are really calm and serene, and whilst I could easily get away with some bigger statement pieces in terms of prints and colour, I decided to add something minimalistic and simple – to create that continuous and neutral feel to each room. Both prints are also in the same sketch style, to create a link between the spaces. In the biggest guest bedroom I got a medium sized print, as the bed and furniture is a lot bigger in here. The balance between this particular style of picture, with the more rustic and traditional wooden furniture, is just the overall effect I was after.

Close Poster

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Moving onto the second, and smaller guest bedroom. In this space I decided to go for a larger print, as I had a bigger wall to fill. I sometimes think that the more substantial piece of wall art you get, the more sizeable you can make a room feel (depending on the type of print, of course). I also got this print with an internal white mount within the frame, to add a slight difference from the other print. With this wall art being a lot bigger, it makes more of a statement in this room, which again works perfectly in an otherwise really calm and neutral area.

Faces No2 Poster

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Use the code “annelibush” to get 25% off posters on Desenio between September 11th and 13th (except for frames and  handpicked-/collaboration posters). 

This post was created in collaboration with Desenio. All words, opinions, styling & creative direction are, as always, my own. 


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