I get a lot of questions about my haircare routine; which products I use and what I do to maintain my look. I have tried my fair share of products throughout my time, and the particular combination I’m using at the moment is all my all-time favourite, not to mention, my hair has never been fuller, healthier or longer than what it is now. In terms of every day style, I’m pretty low-maintenance when it comes to my hair (because let’s face it, my time is pretty limited since becoming a mum). Fortunately, I prefer that effortless and natural look – and my hair care routine below, is so quick and easy.


Since I just started washing my hair twice per week, it’s been so much healthier! Not to mention, it saves me so much time. My hair has now also got used to this amount of washes per week, so it never really gets oily or greasy in-between washes, which saves me using dry shampoo or having to have it in a top knot half of the time. The shampoo & conditioner duo which has made my hair super soft, shiny and hydrated, is Kevin Murphy’s Hydrate Me range. It thoroughly cleanses and moisturises, without leaving the hair feeling heavy! I’m obsessed.

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After the shampoo & conditioner, I love using the Josh Wood Everything Mask, which adds that extra boost of moisture to the hair. As I only wash my hair twice per week, I like to make sure I give it as much hydration and deep condition when I do, and this mask is excellent. Not too thick and heavy, just the right amount. Once a week, I also like to add the Josh Wood Cool Me Down Shade Shot into the mask, which helps lock in the colour. This shade shot really helps me maintain that cool and ashy shade to my blonder highlights.

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This honey infused hair oil from Gisou has been an absolute game-changer for me (as you probably know, as it’s not the first time I have shared it on here). I’ve been using it for nearly 2 years, and it’s by far the best hair oil I have ever tried (and I’ve tested my fair share in my time). It adds so much moisture and softness to the hair, without ever leaving it heavy or greasy (which so many hair oils do). It’s also helped my hair grow so much, as I no longer have lots of thin and splitting ends. Worth every penny in opinion. After washing my hair, I add 4-5 drops into my palm, run it through from the mid to the ends, brush may hair (using my trusted Tangle Teezer hair brush), and air dry in a towel for 20-30 minutes (which helps lock in the moisture). A couple of times a month, I also use the oil as an overnight mask.

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You might have seen my tutorial using the Dyson AirWrap on my Instagram (it’s within my Highlights if you want to take a look), and it’s completely changed my life in terms of my beauty regime and general time-management. It’s super quick and easy to use, and you literally have blow dried, smooth and wavy hair within 10 minutes max. I tend to use the dryer when my hair is half dry, then I use the brush applicator (my favourite), to fully straighten my hair (no more frizzy hair!). I either leave it straight, or quickly add in some soft waves, which is super quick and easy. I often use it in the days between washing my hair, if my hair needs some extra smoothing or more defined waves (I just dampen my hair in advance), and I’ve instantly got a fresh looking mane. It’s quite pricey, but SO worth it.

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