My Watch Collection

My Watch Collection

As many of you might have noticed – I love my watches. I wear them every day, to just about every occasion. That might be the reason I have acquired seven classic styles; all of which fit perfectly in with my wardrobe and lifestyle.

1. Citizen

I like to wear this particular style when I go to a wedding or a cocktail party. It’s really classic and elegant, and I find it always suits with a more dressy and sophisticated outfit.

2. D&G

Again, another style I would wear to more formal event. I tend to wear this style with an all-black outfit, to make the overall look more classic, clean and contemporary.

3. Casio

An everyday watch which I tend to wear with more feminine lines; such as dresses and florals – balancing out the masculine elements of the style.

4. Nixon

Also another casual and sporty watch; I love the simplicity and the rubber material. Again, I like combining this style with the unexpected, which would be with a more elegant outfit (rather than just jeans and a simple t-shirt).

5. Michael Kors (Silver)

The most recent addition to my watch collection, and I love it just as much as my old one in silver/gold. I wear a lot of silver jewellery – this one goes with absolutely everything, pulling together a simple, casual outfit, always adding a statement with it’s size and style.

6. Michael Kors (Silver/Gold)

I thought I lost this beauty when I was abroad a few months ago – oh the joy when it came back to me. I love this style and shape; I wear it loosely on my wrist, either stacked up with loads of bracelets or on it’s own. Perfect office and business watch.

7. Firetrap

An all-gold style which I am incredibly fond of. It’s similar to the MC styles – but a bit edgier with it’s harder lines and bolder colour. I wear this for pleasure or work.



  1. Mellouhg
    July 6, 2012 / 15:17

    I love this!! Cannot wait to see your bag collection :)

    • AnneliWIBT
      July 8, 2012 / 14:44

      Thanks! Yes, that is coming too :)

  2. Caroline
    July 6, 2012 / 17:54

    Stunning watch collection! I especially like the gold ones. :)

  3. Emily
    July 8, 2012 / 13:23

    Great watch collection!!

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