It’s holiday season, which means a lot of packing, organising and planning… Last year was my busiest year of travelling, visiting places such as Venice, Crete, New York, L.A, Maldives, to only mention a few. Which meant I really had to overcome my hate of packing, and rather try to embrace and master it. Which in true fairness and towards the end of the year, I can (kind of) say that I’ve done. Being fortunate enough to go on so many trips – be it for pleasure or work – means that you quickly get to identify what you actually tend to wear the most when it comes to your wardrobe, what extras you really need to bring with you, and finally – conquering that holiday wash bag with all those key necessities…

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All depending on what type of holiday you’re embarking on – be it for adventure, beach or city –  make sure you really identify those core wardrobe must-have’s to ensure you’re covered from start to finish… Obviously this will all depends on where you’re jetting off to, but nevertheless, there are still certain core staple essentials that you simply can’t forget…

First things first; don’t forget to check the weather in advance (whilst thinking about what you’re going to be doing during the day and evening) – that way you can plan specific outfits rather than just throwing random pieces into your case!

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* Summer dresses in natural fabrics, to keep you nice and cool
* Fail-safe denim shorts & skirts 
* Basic t-shirts and cami tops in neutral colours 
* Loose shirts/blouses that go with everything 
* Neutral jumpers for layering
* Denim or camo trousers, in case it get’s chilly)
* Neutral jackets to style with any outfit
* Gym kit (you know, just in case) 

* Sunglasses with a good UV filter
* A timeless woven straw sunhat 
* A few statement jewellery pieces (nothing too expensive or precious)
* Several swimwear options 

* A classic and practical beach bag to room everything 
* A simple clutch/pouch for the evening 
* A few cross-body bags (for everything else)

* Casual leather sliders/sandals for every day 
* Classic espadrilles, both flats and wedge style 
* Simple and comfortable trainers for walking
* Gym/running trainers
* Dressy flat sandals/pointy flats for the evening
* Simple stiletto sandals (if you can be bothered to wear heels on your hols)


Now that we’ve identified the wardrobe basics and categories – we can move onto some other very important components to your holiday… All the extras. And what do I mean about ‘extras’? Well it’s all those very important core bits that are essential to support and enhance your vacation – all depending on where you’re off to!

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Heading on a camping or hiking trip? Well, firstly, ignore some of the previous clothes and accessories which might not be so important to bring (!) – swapping silky dresses for a more comfortable and practical wardrobe, which includes lots of activewear, hiking boots, a rucksack, warm & waterproof layers – as well as the below extras to keep you entertained along the way…

* A camera to capture your journey 
* An activity tracker to keep track on all your hiking 
* A portable charger to keep you connected 
* A map & compass for navigation 
* Headphones to keep you entertained 
* Playing cards/games come evening time 
* Reading material
* A water bottle to stay hydrated 

Off to sunnier climes and spending the majority of your time on a beach or by a pool? Then all the above wardrobe packing essentials are super key, but as the holiday is more than likely going to be a chilled one, with lots of time spent on a beach or poolside (preferably with a Bellini in one hand) – all those ‘extras’ are even more important to keep you entertained…

* Lots of reading material options for the beach/pool 
* Headphones to catch up on all your fave music/Podcasts
* A water bottle to stay cool 

* A snorkelling kit in case you get bored (and want to stay fit) 
* Frisbee or beach games 
* A portable charger
* A water resistant pouch to keep everything dry/sand free

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Decided on a city break? Well then fusing both active comfort wear with sophisticated chilled-out pieces, is definitely the key. As you’re most likely going to be on-the-go for the majority of the time, with lots of time spent exploring and walking – there are certain extras which one just mustn’t forget…

* A camera with a detachable camera strap 
* A city/travel guide with all the insider tips (I love Wallpaper´s City Guides)
* A portable fan to keep you cool 

* A waist pouch to wear underneath your clothes (yes they’re ugly, but oh-so practical)
* A map (in case your phone fails)
* A portable charger

* An activity tracker (to measure all that walking)
* A pack of wet wipes (absolute life-savers)
* A water bottle 


Now that you have your wardrobe essentials in check and all those practical and fun extras for the right type of holiday – the last and final step in your preparation is sorting out your holiday wash bag. And if you’re an absolute skincare junkie like I am; ensuring that I’m always covered for all types of skincare scenarios (humidity, dryness, extreme weather, burns, scars…) is super important. However, I don’t like to overdo it, as we all know how much a wash bag can weigh (well, at least mine does!) – so really identifying some strong basics, with lots of multi-use products, is trés important…

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* SPF 30 & 50 for both face & body (spray and cream version) 
* A lip balm with high factor 
* Your favourite after-sun option (tan enhancer, aloe vera and coconut oil) 
* Your usual cleanser & moisturiser
* A rich face oil/serum
* A jar of coconut oil (the ideal multi-use product – for burns, scars, hair, nails, body…) 
* A lightweight shampoo & conditioner for every day use 
* A nourishing hair mask, to treat those dry/sun exposed tresses
* A shower gel (in case you don’t like the hotel version)
* A streak-free deodorant
* A hydrating face mist
* Razors
* Toothbrush/ toothpaste (pop in your carry on so you can freshen up mid journey)
* A small First Aid Kit
* Tweezers
* A hair brush (the Tangle Teezer is my fave) 
* A make-up bag (a stripped down holiday version) 

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So now that you’re ready to jet off – you need to get your luggage in check! I have finally invested in one of Aways uber practical, yet super stylish suitcases – opting for The Large style in black, with their unbreakable polycarbonate shell, interior compression system, and removable laundry bag. The suitcase has two compartments inside, one designed for clothes, the other for shoes, toiletries, and other hard objects (in other words, pretty ideal). The only worry with this bag, is the amount of stuff you can fit it in (not so ideal for someone who’s suitcase is always on the verge of being over the limit!).

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  1. July 12, 2017 / 12:31

    These are really great tips! I never really make a list of things to pack but next time I go away I definitely will x

    What Josie Did Next

  2. July 12, 2017 / 15:28

    I didn’t used to be great at packing – I would always take way too much! Thankfully, I’m much better at it nowadays x


    • Anneli Bush
      July 30, 2017 / 08:00

      That’s good! x

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