As you might have already noticed, I’m very into my jewellery. Classic, timeless and mostly in gold. Dainty, but also statement styles. A mix of investment pieces that will last a life-time, combined with more affordable, contemporary styles… Although it might seem like a lot of jewellery on display here; in reality I am extremely picky and selective. I have acquired a lot of jewellery throughout my time, but these are the ones that have made the final cut this time; my most precious metals, and the pieces I keep wearing over, and over again…

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I’ve got a few sentimental pieces, such as this stunning Rolex (‘Datejust’ model) – a birthday gift from my husband. I love the combination of chrome and brass tones, which just happens to go with everything I wear (even dressed up, or more casual). Obviously it was quite a big investment, with the plan of carrying on as family heirloom.

Another thing I also wear a lot, are hoop earrings. Big, thin, small… I much prefer hoops to stud earrings, and therefore I have acquired a few during my time… My all-time favourite style, and the ones I keep going back to, are the signature gold click hoops from Dinny Hall. I love them so much, and I’ve basically worn them on a weekly basis for 2-3 years (and they’re still going strong). I also recently acquired some bigger hoops, from my friend’s Lucy Williams collaboration with jewellery brand Missoma. These oversized coin chandelier hoops are so different from anything else I already own, and I love that they’re so simple, yet they bring a real statement with them.

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I was gifted both these personalised necklaces right after the birth of Rio, and I’ve not taken them off since (which is a rarity for me, as I like to chop and change a lot!). I love that they’re both big gold disc styles in different lengths, which looks really pretty when layered. The shorter style from Stella & Dot, with the giant block ‘R’, is so simple and bold – combined with the more precious one in italic (where Rio’s entire name & birth date is engraved), from jewellery brand Monica Vinader.

Another initial ‘R’ initial necklace that I’ve also since acquired (pictured on the first main image), is from Edge of Ember, which also looks stunning layered together with the gold disc styles, or simply on it’s own.

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I’m sure you’ve noticed my double signet ring from Rebus many a times, which I’ve basically worn every day for 2 years now. Another investment piece, which has definitely proven to be great buy, and (fortunately) a relatively classic style, which will be with me for a life time. I had the signet ring part engraved, with the sign of a Swallow – which means ‘Hope’. I got it made during a very hard time in my life (while we were trying to conceive), so naturally, it’s even more precious to me now. The signet ring, loops together with a seperate ‘companion’ style, with a diamond eternity ring, contouring together with the shape of the signet ring. Such a stunning piece of design, and aside from my wedding and engagement ring, it’s the only other ring I ever wear.

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I have a few favourite bracelets, two of which include this brass bangle from Edge of Ember – which I personalised with ‘Vita set magicae’ – which means, life is magic in Latin. I got this done shortly after I found out I was pregnant, so another very precious piece!

I’m also obsessed with this chunky linked bracelet from Tilly Sveaas, a relatively new jewellery buy. I love the addition of the gold plated St Christopher charm: a definite far cry from the more dainty and minimal pieces that I own, but I think that’s why I love it so much. It’s a real statement piece, yet with all the right classic elements. I like to wear it both stacked, and layered together with my watch.

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Another precious necklace, is this stunning chain letter necklace from Annoushka. Also an investment piece, but I don’t have anything like it from before – and as it’s such a timeless style, I know I will have it with me forever.


I am sure you’ve gathered by now, that I like a lot of my jewellery personalised! I had this gold oval pendant necklace done last summer, also from Rebus – and personalised it with my family crest (Willis). I took my husbands surname when we married, but I wanted something with my maiden name on it, to always keep that with me as well…

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