Hi there! It’s been a while (one year exactly). My longest blog break to date, but with two kids and being a full-time mum, there just isn’t enough hours in the day (combined with COVID and being pretty uninspired). But I am back (ish), and really wanted to finally share a recipe post with you guys, with one of my go-to meals (something which has been requested for years). Combined with a little sneak peak of our new kitchen (and our new Falcon cooker – which is the star of the show, in my opinion)…

It was love at first sight, with our new FalconThis French-style electric range (model name: Elise), is at the centre of the kitchen, so I kind of knew it had to be a cooker which made a statement; yet still seamlessly blended in with the calm and cosy feeling I wanted to create in the kitchen. I originally wanted the stainless steel version (to match the fridge and the integrated microwave), but when that style was on a pretty lengthy backorder, I was recommended this matt slate colour with brushed nickel trim, as an alternative. Which has subsequently turned out to be even better than the stainless steel one! Firstly, it’s way more practical (so easy to clean and hardly shows up any marks), and the rich slate grey colour, really gives the kitchen a whole new level of depth.

I love mixing metals, and it was very much a conscious choice having aged brass, combined with stainless steel and grey elements. the combination of colder and cooler tones, with warmer, more rustic elements, creates a much more interesting and eclectic design, in my opinion. Using natural materials such as quartz stone, together with wood, linen, rattan and hemp, it’s really made this space into one of my favourite rooms in the house (it’s certainly where I spend most of my time!).

We chose not to open up the the kitchen to the rest of the house, as for once, we wanted to have a semi-closed off kitchen, to create that real homely, and cosy family kitchen vibe. However, we really widened the doorway into the rest of the house, so it still gives that sense of space.

The Falcon is my pride and joy, and although I have always loved to cook, I would dare to say; even more so now! This electric range cooker is literally the easiest to use, yet has all the functions and possibilities you could ever wish for! With an easy-clean induction hob, removable griddle, and three compartments – it really suits all your needs. From bigger dinners, where you can cook multiple things at the same time, or quick and simple – it’s literally the best investment we have made in the house (and the one we use the most).

Next up, the recipe. 

Mediterranean Summer Bowl 

A super healthy, yet delicious and filling, summer bowl, with all my favourite ingredients. Not to mention, simple, relatively quick, and a firm favourite with just about everyone (even the kids love it!). Complete with lemon-herb marinated salmon, chickpeas, brown rice, fresh salad, feta cheese, kalamata olives, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, and topped with the creamiest Tzatziki. Delicious!

Serves 4


– ½ cup extra virgin olive oil
– 1 lemon
– Fresh dill & oregano (dried works too)
– 2 cloves garlic, minced
– Salt & pepper


– 4 salmon fillets
– 1 1/2 cups of brown rice
– A handful of romaine or mixed greens
– 1 cup cherry tomatoes
– 1/4 sliced red onion
– 1 can of chickpeas, drained and rinsed
– A handful of pitted kalamata olives
– 1 small carton of feta cheese, crumbled
– Olive oil
– Lemon juice
– Paprika powder


– 1/4 cucumber (squeeze to remove water)
– ½ tub of plain Greek yogurt
– Lemon juice
– 1 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil
– A sprinkling of fresh dill
– 2 cloves garlic, minced
– Salt & pepper


Another thing I really love about the Falcon cooker, is how fast it heats up. Considering it’s size (this is the 90 model), it boosts up so quickly, which makes cooking a lot easier (especially with hungry kids!).

As I said, this dish is super simple. Put the brown rice on boil, and then start preparing the salmon, laying the pieces in tin foil and pouring the marinade over (if you have the time, leave the salmon to marinate in the dressing (this is not essential). Cook in the oven on 180C, for about 10-15 minutes. Then prepare the chickpeas. These can be tossed in the bowl as they are, or toasted in the oven, which is how I personally like them. I like to drizzle them with smoked paprika powder, oil and some sea salt. Cook on 180C for 20 minutes.

Whilst the salmon and chickpeas are cooking, start making the salad. Wash the salad leaves, chop up the tomatoes and red onion, pop in the kalamata olives, crumble in the feta and chopped dill.

Make the Tzatziki. Cool the brown rice down by running it in cold water, drain, then pop together with the salad and the chickpeas. Mix it all together and dish up in the bowls.

Then place a piece of salmon on top with a large dollop of Tzatziki. Serve and enjoy!

Created in collaboration with FalconAll opinions, words, styling & creative direction are, as always, my own. 


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