Since discovering that I’m sensitive to eggs (which was a huge bummer), I’ve had to re-work my morning routine; which would usually consists of eggs. I sometimes think I might have perhaps made myself intolerant to eggs, as I had two nearly every single day, and I have heard that it *can happen if you overdo on something (*don’t quote me on this being a true fact though!).

So my breakfasts have had to change. I don’t have a lot to choose from, as I don’t really eat bread, I’m dairy intolerant and a vegetarian. I’m also not a huge eater in the morning, and I tend to workout just about every day, so I like to keep it quick, effective and a small/medium sized portion. Fortunately smoothies have always been another breakfast alternative that I really love, and the current concoction I have been having this past month, is an absolute winner combo – combining and covering 4 key nutritious elements which you ideally should be basing your every meal on:

1. Fat
2. Protein
3. Greens
4. Fibre


– 1-2 cups of oat or almond milk
– 1 large tbsp of almond butter or coconut oil
– 1 large tbsp of gelatin collagen powder
– 1 scoop of vegan protein powder (chocolate or vanilla flavour)
– 1/2 tsp of Ashwaganda root powder
– 1 tbsp of chia seeds
– 1 large handful of kale
– 1 large handful of frozen berries
– 1 ice cube

It tastes amazing, and gives me so much energy!

The almond butter or coconut oil is the fat, the collagen and vegan protein powder is the protein, the kale is the greens and chia seeds is the fibre. Feel free to add another type of fat, protein, green or fibre alternative, these are just the ones I love the best!

I have seen great improvement using the gelatin collagen powder, albeit I was quite hesitant, as it’s from beef (grass-fed, of course). However being a vegetarian, I have really needed to up my protein, and this is one of the purest forms, and one which is quickly absorbed in your digestive tract. It also supplies a high amount of amino acids, such as glycine, which is great to help build connective tissue and boosts cell renewal (and fortunately doesn’t really taste of anything!).

I love this vegan protein powder, as it just adds amazing flavour (I prefer the vanilla and chocolate), and makes the smoothie taste incredible, as well as it being another added hit of protein.

I take Ashwaganda root powder, to mainly help lowering my cortisol, but this medicinal herb is also great to help reduce blood sugar levels, reduce stress and anxiety, and reduce inflammation. This powder does have a bit of a particular flavour to it, so fortunately the taste of the chocolate or vanilla powder and sour berries, help mask that.


1. Pour the milk into your blender, then finish off with all the other ingredients.

2. Starting blending (ideally using a high speed blender – I use Vitamix), serve and enjoy!




  1. Senitta
    October 8, 2019 / 00:00

    Does the Ashwaganda root powder have a taste to it?

    • October 8, 2019 / 07:19

      Yes it does a bit, but the chocolate and vanilla flavour does help to mask that, as well as the sour berries :)

  2. Sarah
    February 27, 2022 / 13:38

    Hi Anneli
    This looks amazing – do you know if the supplements are safe to take whilst breastfeeding?

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