Following my recent post, I have had so many helpful messages and e-mails about new content for the site, and a lot of you guys wanted to read more about my interiors, home and general lifestyle tips. Which is pretty perfect timing to be honest, as I have just teamed up with TEMPUR®, which I subsequently have owned and used for nearly 6 years now, with our super king mattress and pillows (both of which I purchased myself and literally could not live without).

I have suffered from a bad back since a very young age, and was diagnosed with Scoliosis (curvature to the spine) when I was 10 years old. I had to wear a corset for 2 years, every single day, and although my spine was straightened by the end of it, I still remained very crooked and still suffer from chronic neck and shoulder stiffness and pains. I have learnt to live with it, but certain changes had to made, and when we finally bought our last house back in London, we invested in the TEMPUR® Cloud mattress and pillows. I first discovered TEMPUR® in my early teens when my parents bought a mattress and pillows (my father also suffers from a bad back), and I remember back then how fascinated I was by the concept.

Having looked more into the brand, I discovered that TEMPUR® was in fact first created by NASA in the 1970s to cushion astronauts during lift-off as they journeyed into space (!). How crazy is that? Today, after much research and development, TEMPUR® material is used to make mattresses and pillows that evenly distribute weight and pressure, ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep. I mean, you will never sleep better, and no more back ache after sleeping on a dodgy bed. They offer all types of mattresses and pillows, from Soft to Firm. My parents was very firm, which works for some, but we decided to invest in a softer version, yet with all the same benefits. Admittedly my husband was initially very sceptical, but as soon as we jumped on that bed in the showroom, there was no turning back.

Now, being totally honest with you guys (as I always am), at the time of the purchase, I didn’t spend much time thinking about mattress hygiene and cleaning. I’m sure it was in the welcome pack and instructions on just how easy it was, but once the bed linen was on (which I religiously changed every single week), I didn’t think much of cleaning the actual mattress cover. Which is quite ironic, as we’re both clean freaks, but as I always changed the sheets so often, I just didn’t think more of it. Until a few years back, when I was moving the bed around, I discovered that both the mattress and pillow had zip-off covers, which are machine washable at 60 degrees. I mean, it could not be more straight-forward and simple. After that, there was no looking back, and now that’s it’s so easy to change the covers, I am near obsessive to ensure my bed is always hygienic, clean and fresh.

Following the current global situation we are all in – I know I’m not the only one who has more time on their hands at the moment. We are all spending more time indoors, and I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve certainly upped the cleaning and overall hygiene in our home. Especially in our bedroom, which has always been an important room of mine, even more so now, creating that calm, sleep sanctuary.

So without further ado, here are my 5 top tips for a restful and clean bedroom space…

1. Create a set cleaning ritual of your bed linen; I personally change our sheets every single week (Friday morning’s to be precise). It’s so satisfying, it really makes all the difference to the bedroom vibe, and it just puts me in the best mood (and I cannot wait to dive into the bed come evening). If this for some reason is not possible, then try to make it every other week. From a hygienic point of view, think about how many hours you spend in your bed, versus out of it! Some of you might think it sounds like a faff and effort to do it so often (back in the day, I used to as well!), but trust me, once you get into it, you will do it just as much for your mind, as for your body.

2. Clean your mattress and pillow covers as frequent as you see fit. Technically, if you live in a pretty clean home, don’t have pets in your bed or any allergies, washing your covers every couple of months (even on a quarterly basis), should be fine. Then obviously if you spill any food or drink, notice a stain, or find that it’s stretched out, wash the covers immediately. Again, if this sounds like a lot of effort, just make it part of your sleep sanctuary ritual, and remind yourself on how much time you actually spend in your bed.

3. Aside from doing your research and investing in a proper good quality mattress and pillows right for your body, then I would always recommend to invest in good quality bed linen. It truly makes all the difference; be it Egyptian cotton, sustainable cotton or 100% linen. The key criteria’s are: comfortable, soft and breathable, anything to ensure a proper restful night’s sleep.

4. Another core ritual of mine which is a crucial to my morning routine, is making the bed Every. Single. Morning. There does not go a day by without doing this; even if I’m running late in the morning, I still make our bed. Just like fuelling my body with goodness with my morning smoothie; my day is not set up properly or complete, if I don’t open up the windows to shift the air, shake our covers, straighten out the bed linen, and place all the cushions in order. Call me crazy, this is my thing, and it truly is testament to the fact that it’s the small things which really matter (both for mind and body).

5. Not only am I focusing on newly washed and fresh bed linen, mattress and pillows, we have both tried our best to clean up our bedside tables with just the core essentials. No unnecessary technology gadgets, chargers and cables, or just random things stuffed in the drawers or on the side. I truly believe in the power of ‘a tidy room, a tidy mind’.

This post might not be relevant to all of you, or even something that you want prioritise in your day-to-day life: I guess that’s the beauty of it being your own person, and finding your own thing that makes you happy, completed, accomplished and calm… Find the things that make you smile, that make you tick. My home has always been my sanctuary. The place I love to spend the most time in. So naturally it’s one of the most important bedrooms in the house, even if it is just to relax and sleep in. Why not make it the best version of itself? Fresh, clean, de-cluttered, calm and and stress-free…

Your own little happy place – a feeling that is so important – now more so than ever. 

* This post is in conjunction with TEMPUR®, but all thoughts are my own. I was not gifted any items for this post, I purchased the mattress and pillow myself several years ago. 

** COVID-19 UPDATE: Given that hygiene is a top current concern, TEMPUR® will be offering disposable mattress covers, protective gloves and antibacterial hand gel in stores to ensure that in-store mattress testing is as safe as possible.



  1. Carlie
    June 9, 2020 / 21:53

    Loved reading this! Thanks for sharing Anneli ;)

  2. Lisa
    June 10, 2020 / 08:29

    Du har det så fint Anneli! Får man fråga vart mattan under sängen kommer från?

  3. Karen
    July 22, 2020 / 09:17

    Lovely entry and blog. Can you tell me where the white rug and table lamp/shade are from?

    • July 28, 2020 / 13:09

      Thank you! The lamp shade was purchased in a local boutique in London several years ago and the white rug is from Ellos x

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