Ok, I know I keep saying it every time, but seriously – where is this year going?! How is it already end of March? 2017 is just flying away… But I for one am more than ready for Spring. It´s my favourite season by far. Gone are the days of wanting it too hot and balmy (as in, I wouldn’t complain with a few of those days right about now) – but Spring has that refreshing air of newness. We start ditching the layers, bare a bit more skin, and have that constant air of curiosity for the new season…

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Talking about the new season, I have already made some really great purchases that I am just over the moon with. From some more extravagant investments (oops), to the good old´ high street + lots of delicious skincare – to help us transition from cold winter, to dewy Spring…

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Well, it wouldn’t be another season, with yet another khaki jacket… It´s kind of embarrassing actually, as I was only just talking about my khaki jacket addition in this recent blog post – and how I´ve really cut down on my collection. And here we are, with yet another one. My justification? This style from French brand Sézane, is a lot thicker than my others, making it more practical and ideal for the transitional months (i.e NOW). It´s a died denim, so it´s more structured (which I love), and the perfect boxy – yet flattering shape.

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Another great buy, from a brand I have been lusting after since last spring – is this perfect boho top from Israeli brand, Dodo Bar Or. I mean, have you ever seen such a chic and sophisticated boho top (like ever?). The monochrome style with the tassels – and the most perfect bell sleeves you ever did see… Sold in an instant. 

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Now, let´s jump on over to my two big splurges so far in 2017. First up, the edgiest and coolest loafers (ever) from Givenchy. Although my hubby was not a big fan (admittedly, they´re totally man-repelling) – to me, they are perfect. Androgynous, chunky and black, with that super edgy chain. Mules are one of my go-to spring and summer shoes, and I have a feeling these will be worn a lot (and a lot).

Second splurge? The Gucci Dionysus GG via Net-a-Porter. I always do this. I deliberately buy into a hyped shape/style/trend (especially when it comes to shoes or bags) after it´s peak (although in this instance, the Gucci Dionysus is still pretty hot). There´s just something about wearing what everyone else is wearing, which puts me off. And I also like to observe and wait, to see if it´s something I really (really) want, before making that big buy. And so far, so good. I love the classic shape and logo; mixed with the statement buckle and chunky chain, and the pockets of black suede – making this style in particular – super versatile.

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You might think I am weak when it comes to khaki jackets, mules and designer bags? Well you ain’t seen nothing; beauty is where my true obsession lies. I can talk about beauty for hours, and always spend my facial appointments quizzing my facialists (rather than just enjoying the treatment). So naturally, I like to try a lot of different brands and products.

I am really into natural skincare brand Herbivore at the moment, and in particular, their amazing Lapis Balancing Facial Oil. Ideal for reducing redness and clarifying the complexion – formulated for combination, oily and blemish prone skin types. It´s a super hydrating and softening oil, and one of the “cleanest” brands out there – filled with certified organic ingredients.

Secondly, you all know I am super religious with my SPF, all-year around. I switch between 30 and 50, and more recently I have been leaning towards SPF30 (the difference, in terms of the protection, is not even that much – and the amount of extra ingredients they have to add to the SPF50, doesn’t always make it worth it!). I am really loving Sarah Chapman´s SKINESIS Skin Insurance SPF30 at the moment – a skin perfecting tinted protection from UVA, UVB, thermal & infrared radiation, with antioxidants and an advanced stem cell active complex – preventing sun induced wrinkles and slackening. Pricy, but it works.

Last but not least, I just have to tell you guys about this amazing eye gel cream from Darphin´s Hydraskin range. Super hydrating, super re-freshing, helps remove dark circles, instantly de-puffs and brightens… I mean, what´s not to love.

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After attending a very special event last week, finishing off with a hotel stay at Claridges (I mean, how LUCKY am I), there was also a few lovely gifts waiting for me on the bed, including these gorgeous, white cotton (personalised!) PJ´s from British designer, Olivia Von Halle. I quickly showered and jumped into bed wearing this super soft set. Is there any better feeling? 

The event I attended before Claridges, was a super exciting partnership and shoot with Jo Malone. It all kicked off with a personalised Fragrance Combining (yes mixing fragrances is a real thing at Jo Malone) with the Creative Director of fragrance. Together, we combined and customised my favourite scent combo – mixing Jo Malone´s Dark Amber & Ginger Lily and Wood Sage & Sea Salt. The result? The perfect combination of feminine and masculine (my favourite).

Ok, I know I say I am obsessed with a lot of things – but I am really (really) obsessed with MAC Studio QuikTrik Stick. This magic multi-use stick can highlight, contour and bronze, being double-ended in two shades… The highlighter gives off such a glowful and dewy finish, and the contouring part is super effective and easy to use. Such a great make-up buy.

I go through phases with Matcha. And at the moment, I am obsessed, and have been drinking it every day for a few weeks now. My favourite combo? In the blender, with oat milk, 1/2 tsp of Pure Chimp Matcha Green Tea, 1 tsp of raw honey, 1 tsp of Maca, and a couple of ice cubes. So delicious. 

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I told you I loved my mules! And these ones from River Island are certainly more affordable (I kind of had to balance it out after my Givenchy splurge!). They´re clearly totally different from the black style; I adore the colours and the over-the-top embellishment – the perfect statement shoes for Spring.



    • Anneli Bush
      April 23, 2017 / 12:40

      Thank you lovely! x

  1. Taryn
    June 1, 2017 / 20:15

    Hello, love the blog! How do the givenchy mules run? I am looking at them on various websites and some websites (like net a porter) say they run 2 sizes SMALL, other sites are saying true to size. Can you help me out? Thanks!

    • Anneli Bush
      June 14, 2017 / 08:56

      Hi Taryn,

      They run normal in size!

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