Happy Friday! Its been a while since my last Top Picks series, but I am back in action after my hols, and sharing some of my recent favourites! 

1. My hair is seriously dry after my holiday (hence why I cannot wait for my Sassoon hair appointment later on today!), and I have been obsessed with this protective sun oil from Phytoplage – which is ideal for my ultra-dry and damaged hair, continuously protecting it and nourishing it at the same time (its been a total lifesaver.)


2. This gorgeous silk sun dress from Biondi Couture is literally the vision of heaven. Not only do I feel great wearing it – its so versatile! On my recent holiday, I wore it as a sun dress, for a night out, and I even slept in it! Thats what I like to call a good investment.

3. Another pretty addition to my necklace collection; this super pretty necklace with the Good Karma charm from Daisy London (because we all need good karma in our lives, right?).

toppicks-2 toppicks-3

4. Delilah make-up is completely new to me, and so far, I am loving it. Not only because its 100% British, and not only because its ridiculously pretty with its signature rose gold packaging, but because the make-up is so lush and luxurious, yet relatively affordable! A winner in my opinion.

5. I am seemingly going crazy for perfumes at the moment (!) – but there are just so many gorgeous fragrances out there, and yes, Ive got a bit of an obsession. Gone are the days of the commercial fragrances… All I want is unique and rare scents to fill my life with. The next best thing after creating your own scent at a perfumerie? The Parisian luxury brand EX NIHILO. I have fallen in love with the magical scent Venenum Kiss, which is a sophisticated and hypnotic smell, with amber, rose, saffron, apricot and vanilla. Fresh, yet the perfect sensual blend for a nighttime.



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