Continuing our dreamy holiday in L.A was no difficult task, during of which we seriously started plotting a more permanent escape to the city. A girl can dream…

If you’ve already been to L.A, you would know that this is a city of series contradictions – from the (somewhat) extreme health scene, with juice bars on every corner, a new fitness craze every week, and incredibly well-groomed, glossy people. On the other side of it – there are fast food chains slotted in-between all the juice bars, people drive everywhere, and generally the food portions are mega. Not surprisingly, I fully embraced the health scene with daily green juices (to compensate for the nearly daily intake of alcohol) and ate (a lot) of good food – a balanced holiday all-in-all. That’s what its all about, right?


Even our hotel pool service (we stayed at The London in West Hollywood) had cold-pressed Clover juices – delicious.

Astley Clarke Blue Bracelets
Lucy Williams x Missoma Gold Bracelet
Tiffany´s Silver Bracelet


Catching up on my reading… Getting the balance right between fashion and career development… (keeping my brain going, in other words).

Zara Sliders (similar here)
Maximise Your Potential Book
Ray Ban Sunglasses
Nivea SPF30


I am not a big coffee drinker, for no particular reason, other than I just really love my tea (and coffee doesn’t have much affect on me). I don’t know what happened while I was in L.A, but I found myself having daily ice coffees (mainly to cool down) – and by the end of it, I was loving the flavour too. Maybe it was just an L.A thing, as I haven’t had one since coming back – but I am still having daily cravings from one of the best ice coffees in town: Cofax – this super cute café on Fairfax Avenue, just off Melrose Avenue.


We spent a few hours walking (yes, walking) down Melrose Avenue – the temptations where plentiful.


Popped into Reformation for a quick browse, ending up trying over half the store (which was just as lust worthy). Kind of regretting I didn’t go for the St. Tropez clutch!


My trusted leopard espadrilles from River Island (similar here) – were good companions throughout the holiday.


One of the most impressive culinary highlights during our trip, was Michelin starred Providence, where we spent a good part of four hours gorging in fifteen courses (!). I evidently did NOT think out my (tight) outfit in advance…

Day Birger et Mikkelsen Silk Shirt (sold out – similar here)
Uterque Skirt (similar here)
Theory Blazer (identical here)
Topshop Mules (sold out – similar here)
Chanel Bag



A typical day-time outfit during my stay – denim shorts, a casual tee, sliders and my new Chanel (my second love).

 Vintage Denim Shorts (similar here)
ASOS T-shirt
Zara Sliders (similar here)
Dior Sunglasses (similar here)
Chanel Bag & Wallet 

As Sam had to work for a few days during the beginning part of our stay, I alternated between working by the pool (best office, EVER) and exploring new, and old areas. I popped down to Melrose Place, which is probably the cutest shopping street I have ever been too – the pictures below as evidence…


The Isabel Marant store was definitely a highlight… These sandals though!

In the evening we headed to Republique, mainly renowned for their delicious brunches – but their dinner was pretty amazing too! Relaxed and casual atmosphere.


My trusted dungarees which I scooped up from the vintage market, Melrose Trading Post, made an appearance during the evening too – I am sucker for versatile pieces, and these certainly topped the list this holiday.

Vintage Dungarees (similar here)
Massimo Dutti Shirt
Y.A.S Leather Biker Jacket
(identical here
Topshop Mules
 (sold out – similar on sale here)
Jimmy Choo Bag

Dinny Hall Earrings
Essie Nail Polish


Another pair of trusted flats, from Karen Millen.


After a few big nights out, these elixir shots from earthbar were a welcoming boost.


Exploring the Sunset Junction strip in Silverlake – the trendy Eastside “hood” – often referred to as the “Williamsburg of L.A”. With Sunset Boulevard conveniently running through this neighbourhood, there is plentiful to drink, eat and shop – from shabby and quirky vintage shops, underground designers, to more contemporary boutiques such as A.P.C and Aesop. Oh and of course we popped into the renowned Intelligentsia for (more) ice coffee and a spot of serious tile inspo!


Vintage Short Dungarees (similar here)
River Island Top & Espadrilles (sold out – similar here) 
Prada Bag
Dior Sunglasses (similar here)



We also spent some time exploring Larchmont Village, more specifically down Larchmont Boulevard – which is literally the most charming area and high street we came across during our time in L.A! This neighbourhood had a totally different feel to any other parts which we have ever been to in L.A (in a good way). Nestled among the historic mansions of residential Hancock Park, Larchmont Bouleward is somewhere where residents (actually) walk to the post office, pop to the local farmers market, pick up their “usual” from the local bakers. If I wasn’t wanting it enough already – I was definitely ready to make move to L.A even more (like, right about NOW).


Another area, another veggie juice!


Lunch at The Ivy is always a must! Located in the heart of Beverly Hills, this celebrity haunt is totally OTT, yet super charming. Tip: Book well in advance and specify to be seated on the outside patio area. 


A few trips to the Equinox gym, to balance things out a bit!



…and that was our L.A holiday diary in a nutshell! With over 1300 photos to go through, the edit wasn’t easy, but I hope you enjoyed this somewhat condensed version of our dream holiday.

Still craving for more? Hold tight for the second part of our holiday, with our long-weekend in San Francisco, road trip down the Big Sur coast, and the ultimate retreat in Santa Barbara!



  1. August 21, 2015 / 11:53

    Amazing pictures, I love your outfits, the dungarees look great on you! x

    • August 21, 2015 / 17:19

      That is so kind, thanks! x

  2. Florrie
    August 22, 2015 / 08:04

    Looks dreamy!

  3. Ella Hobbis
    August 24, 2015 / 15:16

    Hi Anneli, I just came across your blog and have been completely indulged in it! I think you are absolutely fantastic. I must say I find you very inspiring (I am 20 years old!) , and think you are a vision of a very chic, classy lady!

    • August 24, 2015 / 21:43

      Hi Ella,

      That is so incredibly sweet of you to say, thank you! Comments like that make my day :) So glad you like the blog! Ax

  4. Harriet
    August 24, 2015 / 20:20

    Thanks for all the tips!

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