I was recommended Planet Organic by my nutritionist a few weeks ago, so I popped in to the Westbourne Grove branch today to buy a few bits she suggested. I was impressed by the store – it had a a fresh groceries and deli section, a manageable shopping area (I can’t handle too many choices when I food shop), and even a café in the corner. Definitely one of my new favorite food shops!


Organic Amisa Gluten Free Pure Porridge Oats & Alara Pure Oats Gluten Free Porridge

I love my porridge, so I got two different options. It’s recommended to soak the oats overnight (better for the stomach) and have them for breakfast either cold or heated, with seeds and nuts such as almonds and shelled hemp seeds (see below). No fruit though – always eat that separate from a main meal. Super nutritious and will keep you fuller for longer. 

BiOFAIR Organic FairTrade Quinoa Grain

This super food is great alternative for someone who is trying to lay of the carbs or wants a substitute for meat. Again, very nutritious and slow-releasing so will really fill you up.

Planet Organic Millet

There is a lot of nutrition in millet and it contains a fair amount of protein (15%). Because it doesn’t form acid when digesting, millet is easy to digest, so very good for the stomach if you have problems with bloating, etc. It is thought to be the most non-allergenic grains and the most digestible. Another great alternative to meat for vegetarians or as a side dish with fish and vegetables.

Virginia Harvest Shelled Hemp Seeds

These crunchy seeds are fantastic for sprinkling onto salads, adding to smoothies, porridge or an in-between meal snack. Hemp seeds are also very rich in protein, vitamins and minerals – so yummy all around.



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  1. Fiona Loughton83
    April 29, 2012 / 22:35

    Thanks for the tip! Looks yummy. F

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