I could never imagine in my wildest dreams that I would be so fortunate enough to create and decorate one nursery (for my boy), let alone two, for my baby girl! We bought this house only a few months before my due date, so decorating both kids room’s was the first priority, but as Jade is currently still in our bedroom, it’s not been a mad rush to finalise all the small details, but finally – it’s now complete and ready to show you guys.

I actually finished 90% of the room back in November, but it’s been those last touches that I have been working on since then (now that my head is a bit more above water), and I’ve been able to really focus on pulling the scheme together. It’s not the biggest of rooms (it’s the smallest bedroom in the house), but we have three bedrooms on the main floor all beside each other, so it made sense to give the smallest one to Jade. The future plans (in 1-2 years), is knocking down the wall to the master bathroom right beside (which is absolutely huge), to make Jade’s room the same size as Rio’s, but for now, it works perfect the way it is. The only thing I didn’t manage to fit into the room, was a nursing chair, which was a shame, but as the bedrooms are on the same floor as the lounge, as well as being right beside our bedroom, I knew I had lots of options around us.

I knew I wanted the room girly, but I didn’t want it pure pink. The direction of the room was actually created from finding the prettiest wallpaper with swallows, which I used on one of the walls, as an accent/feature wall. It’s in a gorgeous peachy-pink colour, with pops of yellow and white. We painted the rest of the walls in a really muted peachy-greige colour, which off-sets the brighter wallpaper.

We chose a carpet in a neutral cream colour (which works well with the painted walls), and lots of elements of white wood, with the crib and dressing table set. It’s actually the same furniture set that we had for Rio’s nursery, but I just upgraded the handles on the dresser with some round antique brass knobs, to make it a bit more feminine and matching with the theme. I also re-used both cloud mobiles, as I just think they’re so perfect for a nursery, and they fortunately both worked really well for Jade’s nursery too, with the white and gold elements. I used light and sheer curtains, to frame the lovely window, yet not feeling to dominating in an otherwise small-ish space.

I really wanted to create the most serene and calming bedroom, so as well as the warmer peach, greige and white colours in the nursery, I also added some soft yellow, with the cushion in the cot, and the re-upholstered wooden antique piano stool. I actually got this stool several months ago, and it was originally intended for the downstairs lounge, but I really felt the need to add some more depth and character to the nursery, and after it was re-upholstered in the chosen yellow fabric, it was a match made in heaven.

Speaking of antiques, I managed to source the perfect vintage Venetian mirror, which I placed above the dressing table. As well as really opening up the room, it also works as a great reflection with the cloud mobile hanging above (Jade loves it too), and adds more character to the room. I placed an older style wall lamp in antique brass, which creates a cute little moment in that corner, as well as lighting up that area. I used a soft feather ceiling lamp, and along with the other clouds in the room, it really helps elevate and pull all those elements together.

I wanted lots of softer, natural textures in the room, so for the toy and book storage, I got two amazing hand woven baskets, a wooden book shelf (which I painted in the same colour as the walls), the prettiest wooden name plaque placed behind her cot, and a decorative straw palm leaf on the wall.

I absolutely loved decorating Jade’s nursery in our new house in Norway, and along with Rio’s nursery back in London, they are to date, two of my favourite rooms I have ever worked on.


Cot / Boori
Dresser/changing table / Boori
Wallpaper / Majvillan
Wall colour / Jotun ‘Wicker Beige’
Wooden name plaque / Roscoe Rules
Cloud mobile (white & gold) / Konges Slojd
Cloud mobile (above changing station) / The White Company
Straw storage baskets / Ellos
Book shelf / IKEA
Wall lamp / Jettestuen
Ceiling pendant / Umage 
Yellow material (on piano stool & cushions) / H&M Home (it was originally a table cloth)
Star & shell cot mobiles / CamCam Copenhagen 
Straw wall leaf / KID
Curtains / KID
Curtain holders / Jotex


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