Our adventure in Venice continued for another couple of days – more sun, island hopping, food, wine, and falling in love even deeper with this magical place…


The next day our hotel had arranged for a private boat trip to take us to the islands of Murano and Burano. The boat rocked up just outside our hotel balcony and blew our minds… Talk about travelling in style. So excited!


Good view!


I´m always the happiest on a boat and near the sea. The sun was out in full force today and it looked like it was going to be a scorcher!


First stop, Murano, also renowned for their glass making.


We popped by the workshop where it was all happening. Kind of wanted to bring this horse back with me! The talented gentleman completed this one in less than 4-5 minutes… Incredible.


I didn´t get the horse, but picked up this stunning blue glass bracelet instead. The perfect addition to my ever-growing stack…


After an hour strolling and exploring the small island of Murano, we jumped on our boat towards Burano – famous for it´s lace-making and brightly-coloured fishermen’s houses (blogger heaven, in other words).


I´ll take the pink one!


There aren´t many restaurants on the island and as always before we travel anywhere, I research for hours (literally) to find the best, and most local places to eat and drink. The highly recommended Gatto Nero is a definite must. I would even go as far as saying you should fly out to Venice, just to experience this place.


This un-assuming and traditionally charming restaurant with very aloof staff (often the best combination), set right on the water (there were inside options too if you get too hot), was set to be winner. We´d booked in advance (luckily!) and got a front row seat on the canal. Although this was slightly off-peak, this place had queues of people wanting to get in. Needless to say we were excited to try their renowned seafood!


We´d been recommended by our taxi boat chauffeur to try their classic risotto, made out of seafood stock and parmesan. Creamy, perfectly seasoned and heaven on a plate.


We couldn’t not have their fresh catch of the day – Seabass – lovingly and delicately prepared in front of us. I would go to say this is probably the best fish I have ever eaten.


And of course, there is always room for dessert! Their classic homemade Tiramisu was a winner (even Sam loved it, and he´s normally not too keen!).


After a very long lunch and a bottle of wine later, we decided to stay on in Burano a bit longer to explore, walk off the food and drink and take in the summer heat.


What did I tell you about blogger heaven? This wall! 

Massimo Dutti Coat / Vila Top (similar here) / H&M Jeans (similar here) / Adidas Trainers / Gucci Bag / Celiné Sunglasses


Yes, we demolished that Tiramisu, but when these tasty and local donuts were staring us through the bakery window, we just couldn’t resist (it would be rude not too).


En route back to Venice!


The views and sunset on the boat back was incredible. Venice had this special light and reflections which is hard to explain other than pure magic, with the most incredible and vivid colours.




We were surprisingly hungry come early evening, and as our dinner reservation wasn’t before 21.30, we were recommended to pop by Cantine del Vino Gia Schiavi, a wine shop located on a canal in Dorsoduro, which also serves delicious cicchetti (small finger food). Here we had Prosecco, cheese, meat, seafood and paté. It was rammed inside and outside, so we perched on the steps right on the canal. A definite highlight from our trip, the atmosphere was amazing!


After feasting (maybe a bit too much) we decided on a long evening walk around the streets (one could easily spend hours doing this as every bridge, view and corner is different) until we were ready to head to dinner, Antiche Carampane, located in the quiet and local area of San Polo.


This place was very popular, probably due to the fact that it´s so highly rated on Tripadvisor! Normally we try our best to stay clear from anything too touristy, and although this place had a good mix of both locals and tourists, the atmosphere and setting was great. To start our taste buds off, they served us some fried baby prawns. Delicious.


The setting was pretty intimate (as in, you were literally sitting on top of the next table) – and the food was good. I did have really high expectations as it was so highly recommended, and the clams to start with did not disappoint.


The pasta was ok – not my favourite so far, but the spaghetti was cooked to perfection. I love my parmesan cheese and don´t really care if you´re not ´supposed` to have it with seafood pasta… Our waitress however just shook our head and said “no” when I dared to ask. So that was that. No cheese for me!


The puddings were really good – not the best I´ve ever had (which would be hard as we eat a lot), but full of flavour with a creamy texture. After yet another three course meal (!), we were rolling home from dinner and hit the sack.


As mentioned in the previous post, we stayed at the centrally located and uber charming boutique hotel, Ca Maria Adele. This hotel is by far the most charming and unique place we´ve ever stayed at – and it went up even higher in our estimations when we decided it was warm enough to have our breakfast served on their roof terrace the next morning. As the hotel is so small (with only 9 rooms), we were the only ones there. Perfect way to end the holiday.


The carb feast continued…


Zara Leather Jacket / Massimo Dutti Shirt / H&M Jeans (similar here) / Topshop Heels / Gucci Bag / Celiné Sunglasses


We could easily stay on the terrace the whole day… Yet another beautiful spring day in Venice.


We had a few more hours to kill before our evening flight, so we headed in some different directions from previously (you seriously do not need a map in Venice), taking it all in…


I mean… The view just couldn’t get any better.


It clouded over a bit in the afternoon, so I popped on my trusted shearling and swapped the heels for my kicks.

Zara Leather Jacket / Massimo Dutti Shearling Gilet (similar here) / Selected Femme Jumper (similar here) / H&M Jeans (similar here) / Adidas Trainers / Gucci Bag / Celiné Sunglasses / Dinny Hall Earrings


We grabbed an early dinner at Cantinone Storico, which was right on the canal. The hotel recommended this place as one of the few that would be open at 6pm (our flight was only a few hours later), and the food and setting was great.


Simple, but solid Caprese Salad.


Excellent Vongole. Oh, I could eat this every day.


The best ice cream in Venice (not even kidding). We went back twice to this place (sadly I can´t remember the name – too busy inhaling the ice cream – SORRY!) and the ice cream was so creamy… I had dark chocolate and pistachio, my favourite combo.


After an incredible few days in Venice, we actually felt ok about leaving (or rather waddling back to London) – as this is definitely not the last time we´ll be visiting.

Many thanks to Ca Maria Adele for hosting us during the trip. 



  1. Lin
    April 8, 2016 / 14:52

    Thank you! I’ll be in Venice in May but only for a short time. Which one would you recommend if you have to choose? Burano or Murano?

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