I have been wanting a new sofa for our kitchen/lounge area, ever since we renovated and moved into our house back in February 2016. But the sofa we moved in with from our previous property, was such an easy option at first. Not to mention it was in a neutral dark grey (which perfectly matched our otherwise, neutral and grey colour palette), and the size was was the perfect fit for our corner space. So I left it. God knows I had enough on my plate, with the biggest renovation and decoration project to date! And then I kind of got used to it, as nothing was technically wrong with it. But after a while it just didn’t feel so fresh any longer, and the darker shade of grey, made the otherwise light and airy space much darker then it needed to be… So I decided to (finally) make a change. Click through for the transformation!


First, let me remind me you of how the space looked like before with the old sofa…


So you might see what I mean by there not being anything wrong with the sofa. But we could do better I think? As well as wanting to brighten up the space, I also wanted to create a more cozy setting, with more textures and warmth.


A much brighter and inviting setting. I opted for the light, textured and relatively contemporary Antwerp sofa from West Elm. Taking it´s design cues from Belgian Industrial design, with the flanged edges, sloping arms and solid wooden legs in a warm Almond Finish, all upholstered in a Feather Grey weave – this sofa could not have been more perfect for what I was after.

home-1 (2 of 11)home-1 (4 of 11)

I do love the style of contemporary and modern sofas – however many of the times, these are often the styles which are the least comfortable to sit in. And comfort is obviously a huge factor for us as well – so combining the two, was a key aspect upon choosing our new settee. And fortunately, I managed to find it with this sofa. It´s by no means the most comfortable and softest sofa I have ever sat in; but it´s soft enough, nice to lie down in and it´s just going to get squigglier as the time goes on (AND it looks good).

new-1home-1 (3 of 11)

I wanted cozy and textured, and that´s what I went for! I opted for lots of different cushions, in all shapes and forms, colours and styles – with fur, woven and silk. I kept the colour palette as tonal as possible, with creams, taupe and light sage, to not create an overly busy space – yet maintaining a sense of style and warmth.

IMG_7585home-1 (10 of 11)

Other ways I updated the space, was by replacing and adding more pictures to the wall. As this space is a corner area within a large kitchen/dining/lounge room – I really wanted to create some sense of separation from the other spaces – and I find this often helps by adding pictures, to really create that own area within the room.

newhome (10 of 17)home-1 (8 of 11)

I also added an oversized plant in the corner and a small side table – all elements of really cornering in the sofa, to really create that own sense of space…

IMG_7586home-1 (7 of 11) new-2
I am so happy with the end result! The light grey colour of our new sofa is so neutral, yet has a level of warmth to it – and with a slight tinge of green – which picks up the in plant and the furry sage green cushion. Then there are elements of taupe, pink and cream – all merging in together, and really lifting the mood, into a restful, homely and relaxed corner area.

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West Elm Antwerp Sofa
West Elm Mongolian Sage Green Cushion Cover
West Elm Mongolian White Cushion Cover
West Elm Silk Quilted Cushion Cover
West Elm Macrame Cream Cushion Cover
Etsy Horse Print
Etsy Surf Print
Etsy Picasso Sketch Print
HAY White Tray Table
Habitat White Step Shelving
Habitat Plant



  1. May 12, 2017 / 08:33

    Oh, this corner looks AMAZING Anneli, Scandinavian as I am also myself I’m loving the style! Congrats to the baby!

    • Anneli Bush
      May 13, 2017 / 16:06

      Thank you Gabriella! Axx

  2. Harriet
    May 12, 2017 / 08:38

    Love the space!

    • Anneli Bush
      May 13, 2017 / 16:05


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