I love Spring! Or any new season all together… But Spring in particular does have that unique sense of new beginnings. After hibernating for winter, I´m more than ready to embrace the warmer weather, starting afresh and kicking out any bad habits that I´ve developed during the colder months. 

I feel really motivated for the new season and ready to work towards a healthier, and happier body. Although I´m always pretty health conscious, this past season, with so much happening in my life, moving house, travelling non-stop… I lost a bit track – leaving me feeling a bit down, sluggish and with low energy levels. I am more ready than ever, to re-focus and have a fresh start; taking time to myself, focusing on my priorities and disconnecting from any stressful surroundings.


Here are my healthy goals for Spring! 


I love experimenting with new workouts. Gone are the days of regimentally hitting the same classes every week at my local gym (although I´m in no ways saying that´s a bad thing – whatever works for you!), but I personally find myself getting more easily bored, and love testing out new workouts; be it a new type of class, free style training at home our getting out in the nature… The workout facilities in my nearby area are definetly not as good as when I used to live in central London, so I´ve started doing more training at home and utilising our local parks and river path. I´ve also started Barre, and finally got back into Yoga! The combination of all these activities, is making me feel strong, fit and ready for ready for Spring!


Nike Tank Top & Trainers
Sweaty Betty Hoodie, Sports Bra, Leggings & Water Bottle 


The best part with Spring is the warmer weather! That feeling of sun on your skin after months of winter, is priceless. This Spring I´m all about getting outside, hitting our park for runs, power walking along the river, weekend hikes… The danger with being a freelancer and working from home, is being stuck to my laptop and not getting out of the house. The need to leave all technology at home and disconnect from it all, is key to my sanity and something I am determined to do more of this season! Even just popping out the house to do small daily errands, a trip to the shops, or a weekend stroll to the local Farmers Market! Connecting with the fresh air and nature is everything.



Gone are the days of inhaling my books (I used to be a hardcore bookworm), with so many other distractions and technology (Instagram, I love you, but I hate you). Reading my book used to be a bed time ritual, something to look forward to, dreaming myself away into a fictional world and distracting myself away from every day stresses. Now I find myself glued to my iPhone or iPad right before bedtime, which is not the ideal scenario for a peaceful and deep sleep. This Spring I am ditching all technology before bed (at least 80% – baby steps, right), and READ books. Dig out all my latest Amazon purchases (yes I still keep buying them, just not reading them) and getting my priorities straight.


Urban Outfitters Pot Plant (only available in-store)
How to be Parisian” by Anne Berest and Audrey Diwan
Grace, a Memoir” by Grace Coddington
The New York Time 36 Hours: 150 Weekends In Europe


The time I felt and looked my absolute best, was when I went Vegan for three months. I´m not saying this was an easy task; a lot of time was spent planning (packing my own food, preparing my next meal, researching appropriate restaurants) and my social life was not at it´s best. I´m not saying you can´t be Vegan and not have a great and fun life, but I personally struggled with being so strict and limited with my diet; especially when my other half loves his meat and dairy, and we love to travel and try new food.  When that said, the result I had from being on a 100% plant-based diet, was incredible. My hair and skin was glowing, my body and weight was at my personal ideal and my energy levels were at the top. I´m still a Pescatarian (I only eat fish, no meat or chicken) and I have dairy on very rare occasions – but this Spring I have vowed to start eating plant based for half of the week and start experimenting with tasty and delicious veggie recipes (Pinterest is amazing for inspiration).



I´ve said this before, but living in such a busy, fast paced and often stressful environment, where expectations and standards are just getting higher, our patience is far too low (wanting everything within seconds) and social media overtaking our lives, with the constant dangerous game of comparing yourself to someone else´s “reality”. I feel lucky to have grown up when I did and still retaining some more traditional and what´s considered as “old-school” ways (i.e not having an iPhone when I was 5 years old!) – yet I still find myself prone and guilty to all of the above… What is good is that I´m very aware of it, and one of my main focuses this Spring is taking that much needed time out every now and again, and making a conscious effort to have regular breaks; be it through switching off my phone and computer when it´s 6pm, logging off while on holiday or with family, having a bath with indulgent potions, making a creamy Turmeric Almond Latte, going to bed earlier to read, start meditating (and not having any of the above on my to-do list, to do!).


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What are you fitness/health goals for spring? I would love to know! 




  1. Simi
    April 17, 2016 / 11:44

    Love that neon bottle from Sweaty Betty! Might have to shake things up as I have a Bobble at the moment! Any excuse!

    • Anneli Bush
      April 18, 2016 / 11:40

      It´s great isn´t it?

  2. April 17, 2016 / 11:47

    Great post. It’s always the simple things that keep us healthy. Staying active and eating greens are two of my current goals.

    • Anneli Bush
      April 18, 2016 / 11:40

      Thanks Paulina!

  3. COF
    April 18, 2016 / 16:23

    Hi Anneli, love your thinking! Technology does take over and I am the exact same with reading, easy too easily distracted by phone. Need to learn to leave it behind! Do you have a recipe for the turmeric almond latté? I am reading a lot about turmeric but have only used it on food!

    • Anneli Bush
      April 19, 2016 / 13:43

      Glad you enjoyed it! My recipe will be up on the blog soon, as a few people have asked for it! It´s super delicious. Ax

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