You know how the most of do an annual spring cleaning in our house? Well it´s just as important to do it with your skin as well! With winter winding down, and living through months of constant indoor heating, on top of bitter cold weather – our skin is left feeling parched, dehydrated and aged. With spring comes a new lease of life, with sunshine, humidity, and more time spent outdoors; it´s a time for rejuvenation, growth and a time to pamper. But unlike a regular spring clean with an instant overhaul and clear out; when it comes to your face and complexion, it´s all about the preparation in advance and slowly switching your skincare routine, to not create any unnecessary stresses or aggravators. So please click through, for my top 3 steps towards a healthy and glowing complexion, along with some skincare favourites for spring.

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I am sure you already know this, but with every new season (especially spring) it´s so important to exfoliate and scrub those dead skin cells off your face from rough and harsh winter months. Exfoliation promotes younger, healthier skin and will give you that summer glow. It will also prepare your skin for all the moisturising products you will be using.

Personally, I try to be quite gentle with my complexion (however tempting it is to use a harsh scrub on all the congested and blocked areas!). I have always suffered from slightly dehydrated skin, so more regular, gentle exfoliation is what my face personally needs. My go-to saviour, is the Clarisonic Mia 2 Sonic Skin Cleansing Brush – which I use every other day, with either a gentle scrub cleanser or regular cleanser/gentle soap. This really helps remove any grime and congestion, thoroughly cleansing the skin and leaving it refreshed and glowing.

I am sure there are lots of amazing scrubs out there, but I have personally yet to have found a favourite, so please let me know if you have any tips! During the winter, I was using Skinceuticals Phloretin CF serum, which helped accelerate surface skin renewal – but for a more intense renewal, make sure you exfoliate 2-3 times a week – using your favourite scrub, or do like I do; create your own DIY remedy, with coconut oil and brown sugar! It really works.

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Next step is all about adding lots (and lots) of moisture back into your skin. And the first way of doing this, which is also the simplest and it´s for free… is to DRINK WATER. Gallons of it (well at least 8 full glasses a day). As your skin will no doubt be dry from the cold and interchangeable winter weather, it´s more important than ever to increase your water consumption as we move on to spring time. Water is also not only good for you skin, but for your overall well-being and body. When you are properly hydrated, your appetite is better controlled, and you are less likely to be breaking out with spots!

Then, let´s move onto the importance of moisturising and what I love to use. This is the step where I have included most product recommendations; simply due to the fact that I tend to use a lot of different ones, all depending on my skin that day or week. Also, due to my dehydrated complexion history, I am always super pro for moisturising products, and I am constantly trying new serums, lotions and potions… Spring and summer time is ideally a time to switch out your thicker moisturiser for a lighter option, but no less intense (all depending on what climate you live in). I am personally continuing with some transeasonal favourites to make sure my skin is glowing, hydrated and moisturised for the summer months…

I love the Avène Cold Cream range for intense moisture, to helps with chapped lips, cracked hands and skin. The Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil, really helps with elasticity, encourages natural healing (scarring, fine lines) and plumps your complexion in an instant. I am a big fan of Eve Lom´s Intensive Night Cream throughout all seasons – it´s ideal for when your skin needs that extra moisturise put back in – especially if you´ve been flying a lot, been stressed, not had time for your regular skincare routine. A moisturising mask that I really love, is Caudalie´s Moisturising Mask, which instantly soothes, rehydrates and restores your complexion. My day-time desk essential, is Herbivore´s Rose Hibiscus Coconut Water Hydrating Face Mist, which gives me that instant surge of a re-fresh and hydration. Ideal for more sensitive skin types, I love Indeed Lab´s 10 Balm Soothing Cream, delivering intense moisture and hydration to stressed skin. Another relatively new favourite, includes Sunday Riley Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream, which is ideal for brightening and refining, whilst delivering an intense water drench to visibly hydrate and plump skin. Another moisturising alternative is Darphin´s Hydraskin in either Light or Rich (I alternate between the two) – both are ideal for soothing, repairing and replenishing dehydrated skin. Now my final recommendation is not actually for your face, but your feet; nevertheless it should not be forgotten – the Elemis´s Treat Your Feet, is a must-have product to really condition, moisturise, smooth and hydrate those dry winter tootsies.

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Though you may feel like spending as much time as possible in the sun after a long winter (I know I do!) – it´s important to keep in mind what those UV rays are doing to your skin (dehydrates, creates pigmentation, ages, potentially skin cancer…). Also, after a long cold winter and dreary early spring months, the chances are that your pale and fragile skin, will get more easily sunburned (and fast!). Don´t forget it´s all about prevention; the more frequently you use sunscreen now, the better you’ll look 10 years down the road.

I am religious with my SPF and use it every single day – come rain or shine (those UV rays will always come through). I alternate between SPF 20 and 50 (depending on the weather), and make sure to invest in a good quality skincare brand, which already has SPF in it, or offer a stand a alone SPF (i.e – I don´t use Piz Buin or or Hawaian Tropic on an every day basis). And yes, it´s yet another step to add into your skincare routine, but in my opinion; it´s one of the most important ones! I apply my sunscreen after cleansing, toning and my serum. Then I use it as a final step within my moisturiser. During the summer months, I always make sure I reapply it every 2-3 hours.

Naturally, I have tried my fair share of products, but the two I am currently using, is Darphin Intral Shield SPF50 – ideal for sensitive skin, and with 100% mineral filters – it deflects UVA/UVB rays that takes away skin’s oxygen, moisture and elasticity. It also works as the perfect makeup base or alone, with a sheer fluid consistency disappearing into skin for a luminous and smooth complexion. Another favourite, includes the Avène Hydrance Optimale Light Protective UV SPF20 cream, which helps deeply hydrate parched skin, whilst shielding it from environmental aggressors, and protects the skin from sun damage and ageing.

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