Apologies for the sporadic radio silence – I am still easing into January pretty gently (anyone else with me?). Most of my family are still over from Norway, and in-between meetings up in town and catching up on work and goal setting for 2017 – I have been enjoying lots of long walks in the park, and currently on Day 13 of 31 Days of Yoga (which is definitely helping to ease those January blues). On a more sartorial matter; I am feeling pretty un-inspired to be totally honest, and keeping the palette mostly black and neutral (no real shock there, I guess) – with the added sparkle of some fun sunnies and my favourite designer bags.

marylebone-13-of-17marylebone-1-of-17 marylebone-2-of-17marylebone-8-of-17

Talking about goal setting for 2017 and planning for an exciting and busy year ahead; I hope you enjoyed my previous blog post about 16 Habits to Feel More Energised at Work! This year I am all about doing things more gently, with care, grace and ease. Stop being so hard on myself and do the best I can do. Gone are the days of “Work hard, play hard” motto. I no longer want to feel constantly over-worked, tired and busy, all the time.

marylebone-5-of-17 marylebone-7-of-17 marylebone-6-of-17

Of course, there will be days where I´ll have my low moments; but never to stop striving for a sense of joy in everything I do; and start binning what doesn’t make me happy and is constantly dragging me down. Of course, tedious admin work always needs to be fulfilled, but embrace it with that sense of lightness – instead of resenting the task.

2017, let´s do this! 

marylebone-9-of-17 marylebone-14-of-17marylebone-10-of-17 marylebone-11-of-17marylebone-15-of-17 marylebone-16-of-17 marylebone-17-of-17

COS Coat (similar here)
ASOS Jeans
& Other Stories Jumper
Jimmy Choo Sunglasses
Saint Laurent Bag
Sandro Boots 

Photography by Xenia Koneva


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