Turquoise ocean as clear as crystal, magical burning sunsets, evening cocktails and hourly snorkelling trips, seems very far away at the moment (particularly now that we´ve entered a cool and crisp autumn in London). However remote and distant it might seem, the memories we made over the course of 5 days staying at the beautiful resort, Conrad, will stay with us forever. Dive on into the second half of our stay (check out the first part here) – when we checked into one of their iconic water villas…

maldives-3 maldives-7

But first, spa time! Which just happened to be within the most picturesque setting. I mean, I don’t need much to be convinced to have a massage… Heavenly. 


Toilet goals!

maldives-11 maldives-14

Conrad have two spas – the Spa Retreat & the Over Water Spa (one on each island). Before checking into our water villa which was located on the other island from where we stayed the first few days, I spent the morning at the Spa Retreat located on the main island – which was the most relaxing experience. All their treatments were really holistic, and I left feeling even more relaxed and rejuvenated (if that´s even possible).


Pilyq Bikini
Kate Spade Hat


Lunch at Rangali Bar was never disappointing. But after over indulging a bit too much the first few days, I tried to keep it lighter during lunch (all about balance, right!?), and for the remaining days, I had this super fresh calamari, pomegranate and rocket salad. Delicious.


Time to leave one island for the other (it´s only a 5-10 walk across the bridge, or a 2 min boat ride shuttle across the bay) – and time to say goodbye to our Beach Villa and this hammock!

maldives-27 maldives-28

Needless to say, we quickly settled in! The villa was a bit smaller than the Beach Villa, but the view and the direct access to ocean, was priceless.



Millie Mackintosh Dress
Ray-Ban Sunglasses

maldives-35maldives-61 maldives-62

After moving into our water villa, we struggled to ever want to leave! Pre-drinks on the terrace watching the sun go down, was kind of a must.

conrad-1 conrad-2 conrad-3

Happy camper! So much fun stepping down into the water from our villa for hourly cool downs (it was HOT hot during the day), snorkelling with all the fishes.


The breakfast location at Vilu Restaurant was pretty epic. I´ll let the pictures do the talking here…

maldives-44 maldives-42 maldives-43maldives-40

I love this embroidered cotton maxi dress from Pampelone. So easy to throw over a bikini for a casual, boho style.


So many pretty spots to eat at across both islands! This was Mandhoo, and open-air over-water restaurant which I particularly loved – with a menu prepared to energize, nourish, detoxify, relax and fortify the body, based on the 5 senses – using mainly organic produce grown on the island. We had a really magical candle-lit evening on one of the nights, with the water underneath us lit up, watching all the fish and baby sharks swimming underneath the stilts.

maldives-22 maldives-37

Maldives, I HEART you.

maldives-52 maldives-47 maldives-48

The new island we were staying on, was a lot more quiet than the main island (where the main reception and the majority of restaurants were located). This suited us just fine, and we spent the remaining days lounging, swimming, tanning, eating, and drinking. Holiday mode was ON.

maldives-21 maldives-36


maldives-74maldives-75 leo-6leo-1

Leonor Tunic (made-to-order)
Ray-Ban Sunglasses
Melissa Joy Manning Earrings 


As I spoke about in part one of this blog post series, there was definetly something extraordinary magical about the Maldivian sunset and light… Come dusk, the shades of blue, pink and burning orange spread across the island, and no pictures I took could really do it justice (definitely an excuse to visit, if you ever needed one!).

como-3 conrad

Love my holidays with this special guy.

Holiday staples… Nom nom.

maldives maldives-1

ASOS Dress
Ray-Ban Sunglasses

The dream.

maldives-58 maldives-56

…and if you ever got bored of the beach and wanted complete quiet – they had this infinity pool located in the Quiet Zone of the island (no kids allowed). Pure tranquil.


PilyQ Dress
Kate Spade Hat
Gucci Bag (in black here


But all good things must come to an end… We had the most incredible and relaxing time, and will never (ever) forget our 5 days staying here.  Can’t wait to come back in a few years!

Tune in for the second half of our holiday, where we moved over to another resort. 

Thank you to Conrad Maldives and Grifco PR for hosting us. 




    • Anneli Bush
      October 10, 2016 / 21:56

      Thank you :)

    • Anneli Bush
      October 10, 2016 / 21:56

      It was stunning! x

  1. Shauna
    May 21, 2017 / 21:42

    We honeymooned here in July 2008, felt like we were in a postcard, such a beautiful almost surreal place

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