Nearing the end of our holiday, we were trying our best to soak up the last few days at COMO (a.k.a paradise). The thought of returning back to the hustle and bustle of London town, seemed so remote and far fetched at this stage, and I for one, was not entirely ready to leave…

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Our days consisted of morning yoga (Sam hit the gym), breakfast on the terrace, snorkelling, kayaking, tanning, afternoon siesta, early evening cocktails, dinner and drinks… The perfect remedy for the ultimate holiday.

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One of the (many) things I love about a holiday, is the time to catch up on some reading. Sadly, saving time for reading for great lengths at the time (other than 10 minutes before crashing out in bed) is never really prioritised when back at home (although it should be!). So whenever I´m on holiday, I pack my Kindle, lots of recent magazines and a few good books. I was totally engrossed in the “Luckiest Girl Alive” by Jessica Knoll (finishing it in 2 days!).

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Although COMO was a really small and intimate island (compared to Conrad, where were stayed at for the first part of our stay), and there was limited things to do – other than yoga, swimming, kayaking, snorkelling and hanging out in the spa – the island had so many cute spots to discover. Be it with a cocktail and a book in one of their floating sofas, or just lying in a hammock with views of the ocean and the sound of the rustling palm trees…


…or, spend lots of time eating. Which I would happily do any time of the day! Especially when all the food is so healthy, clean and full of flavour, part of the COMO Shambhala menu offered at the resort. My absolute favourite throughout? Spirulina noodles, with courgette, radishes, fennel, raw tuna, seaweed, lime and tamari… DELICIOUS.


One of the evenings, we ventured out for an organised sunset fishing trip. Definitely one of the highlights! Watching the sun go down, drinking cold beers and catching fish (I caught the biggest one!), was pretty epic.

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One of Sam´s favourite hobbies is fishing, so he was in his element.


H&M Top (old)
Levi´s Shorts
Dior Sunglasses

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Returning back to the resort, for some frozen cocktails and chill time by the pool.

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Loved our nighttime walk back to our villa. The light was just incredible.

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One of the last mornings, we managed to get ourselves up to catch the sunrise. It wasn’t a total clear one, but I do love a moody sunrise and sunset with clouds surrounding, it can make it look so much more dramatic.



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Cold-pressed watermelon, carrot and ginger juice for breakfast. An unusual, but delicious combo!

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Just as pretty inside as outside… Loved this lounge.


ASOS Dress
Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Surrounded by water. Heavenly.

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…and this is the fish we caught the day before on sunset fishing! You could choose however way you wanted it prepared; Sam opted for pan fried with chips, and I went for Asian style, with a fish, mushroom, pak choi and chilli broth.


Massimo Dutti Top
Levi´s Shorts
Dior Sunglasses

We had the pleasure of having a few massages at the COMO Spa – both experiencing one of the best massages we have ever had… I had the Taksu Massage – a Balinese treatment, which is super strong and invigorating, to help increases blood circulation and relieve tight muscles and headaches. It was so good, I had it the next day too! Sam had the classic Como Shambhala Massage – aimed at completely calming the mind and gently rejuvenating the body. After a crazy busy summer, working at 22 festivals – this was just what he needed…


The tasteful and peaceful decor carried on throughout the resort.

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Isabel Marant Étoile Top
Urban Outfitters Skirt
Dune Sandals (similar here
Dior Sunglasses

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Cocktail and Oyster hour combined? YES.

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Dusk at it´s finest.

20160918-p9185834_2-4 img_2484
Yoga time! A mix between Ashtanga and Hatha yoga (my two favourites).

No Ka´Oi Leggings
Varley Top

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Steamed greens, eggs and citrus juice for breakfast…


…followed by buckwheat pancakes. Nom nom!

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Our last night in paradise, watching sunset walking along the 1km spit into the ocean (appearing once the tide is out).

20160918-p9186220-4 20160918-p9186228-4

So many unforgettable memories made with this one.

20160918-p9186235-4 20160918-p9186250-4

ASOS Dress (sold out)
Jimmy Choo Sunglasses


If a picture could paint a thousand words.

20160919-p9196316-4 20160919-p9196329-4

Last breakfast, tucking into a big feast before our long journey back to London. So not ready to leave this place!

20160919-p9196306-4 20160919-p9196292-4

Goodbye sharkies.


Although we were sad leaving, we both left with big smiles on our faces…

Seafolly Jumpsuit
Jimmy Choo Sunglasses
Kate Spade Sliders
Misela Clutch


…knowing we will be back again, at some stage in the future.

Thank you to COMO for hosting us. 




  1. Katherine
    October 21, 2016 / 21:15

    Amazing pictures!

    • Anneli Bush
      October 30, 2016 / 22:08

      Thanks Katherine!

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