After 5 wonderful days staying at Conrad Rangali Island (read part one + part two here) – we were off to our next and final stop, COMO Cocoa Island. Firstly, there´s no point in even attempting to compare the two resorts, as they are both so incredibly different (and if I had to pick, I would really struggle!). But the main difference overall was the size; where Conrad is a much bigger operation and resort, with over 150 villas and 10 restaurants – COMO is a really small, boutique resort, with just under 30 villas and only one restaurant – with a real focus on a wellness oriented and holistic experience. Needless to say, I could not wait to visit, and spend our last 5 days at this beautiful resort. 

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The views from the sea plane were pretty spectacular. And even though I´m a bit of a nervous flier, I am totally fine when I´m on one of these (something about it being able to land on the water?!). After getting picked up at Conrad, we headed back to the mainland of Malée, and onto the speedboat to get us across to COMO.

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It was a welcoming arrival, and the lovely team greeted us with a fresh coconut to sip on whilst checking in. I was loving this place already! What initially did strike me as the main point of difference, was how much more rustic and traditional this place was. Conrad, although incredibly stunning and super luxurious – this felt, equally as sophisticated, but much more understated and low-key.

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All the 30 villas were beside each other in a curve, some of which were shaped as as actual boats (depending on what type of villa you had booked). We checked into our spacious Loft Villa – and were just blown away by the tasteful decor and authentic style – making this probably one of the best hotel rooms we have ever stayed in. Not to mention the gigantic terrace onto the water.

20160914-p9144816-4 20160914-p9144840-4

Not a shabby view.


Marysia Swimsuit
Urban Outfitters Skirt
Ray-Ban Sunglasses


A bathtub made of dreams.


The bathroom was absolutely gigantic, and I loved the nautical and colonial elements throughout. This room definitely made us want to redo our bathroom again! The wooden floor, white panelling on the walls, the marble worktop…

20160914-p9144861-4 20160915-p9155056-4

Not to mention, the bathroom suite opened up to an outside shower (there was a walk-in shower inside too, which we never used) – love an al fresco shower!

20160914-p9144856_2-4 20160914-p9144857_2-4

…or why not have a rinse and swim in the sea water? Everything about this set up was perfect.

20160914-p9144866-4 20160914-p9144868_2-4

The loft villa comprised of one bedroom, which was elevated at the top. With floor to ceiling windows downstairs in our lounge, the view in the morning from our bed, was pretty spectacular.

20160914-p9144875-4 20160914-p9144876_2-4 20160914-p9144878-4

We literally hardly left our villa during our stay! The only downside (for us, anyways) was that there was no sun from around 11 until the afternoon on our terrace. Which just meant we shuffled over to the beach behind us to catch some rays (not a bad alternative, let´s face it). Come 3pm after a few hours in the sun and some lunch – we were back again at the villa, chilling on our day bed, reading and swimming until the early evening…

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Other than its obvious beauty, one of the main things I really fell for with this place, was the wellbeing aspect of this spa resort – offering a holistic, Asian-inspired service with their COMO Shambhala element. As well as an open-air pavilion for yoga (LOVED this), a small but extensive spa treatment offerings, as well as steam rooms and a large hydrotherapy pool – they also served their COMO Shambala menu (as an option aside from the regular menu). This food was SO incredibly delicious and full of flavour (the best food I had throughout our holiday), so I ended up having it every day! Sam, not so much (as pictured!).

20160914-p9144939_2-5 20160914-p9144960-4 20160914-p9144949_2-4

Our daily spot. We were pretty much the only ones using the beach, so it made it even more special.


Water so clear, sand so white.

20160914-p9144976-4 20160914-p9144977_2-4

There were beautiful baby sharks everywhere (vegetarian, obviously), which we were told were “friends of COMO”. They were everywhere, but extremely shy of humans (thank god, otherwise I probably would have been a bit freaked out).

20160914-p9144981-4 20160914-p9144983-4 20160914-p9144986-4 img_9668

Marysia Swimsuit
Kate Spade Hat 

20160916-p9165592-4 20160916-p9165573_2-4

Top knots, sandals and easy clothing, all day, every day.

20160916-p9165578_2-4 20160916-p9165586_2-4

Although the majority of the evenings, we ended up eating at our villa on the outside terrace – it was nice seeing a bit of life come evening time! Cocktail hour was between 5-6pm every day, and we made it into a bit of tradition watching the sun go down, with a nice Pina Colada in hand (not part of the COMO Shambala menu!). And again, the sunsets in the Maldives are just the most spectacular we have come across…

20160916-p9165596_2-4 20160916-p9165681-4 20160916-p9165598_2-420160916-p9165659-4 20160916-p9165607_2-4

Dinner for two on the beach? I won’t say no.

20160916-p9165613-4 20160916-p9165670-4 20160916-p9165621-4

After getting our cocktails at the only bar on the island, we settled in by the main pool and restaurant area to watch the sun go down… So pretty.

20160916-p9165639_2-420160916-p9165625-4 20160916-p9165636_2-4

River Island Top
Seafolly Skirt
Ray-Ban Sunglasses

20160916-p9165726-4 20160916-p9165727-4

No sound other than the light brushing of the waves… It was so hard to capture the true picture of the colours and the scenery – even when the sun went down. It was definitely one of the most magical settings we have come across.

20160914-p9144799_2-4 20160916-p9165432-4 20160916-p9165448_2-4

Most mornings were either spent in the Hydropool, the gym or a session of yoga. I don’t know what it was about this place, but it had such a holistic and wholesome approach to healthy living, that it instantly made me want to exercise and eat really clean throughout our 5 days here. It was in no way pushed upon you (I was usually the only one at yoga and in the Hydropool) – but the fact that is was there, and it was so good, spurred me to embrace it for the last 5 days of our holiday – leaving me feeling so light, fresh and relaxed by the end of it…

20160914-p9144842-4 20160915-p9155193-4

Pampelone Dress
Dior Sunglasses


Breakfast is always one of our highlights, and most days we ordered it to our room. Every evening, we just ticked off what we wanted from the menu and hang it outside our door – and every morning, it arrived bang on time (although we ordered way to much every single time – standard).

20160915-p9155026-5 20160915-p9155043-4

Fresh fruit, homemade superfood cereal (so good), eggs, freshly squeezed juice… In breakfast heaven, in other words.

20160915-p9155027-4 20160915-p9155100-4 20160914-p9144908_2-4 20160914-p9144977_2-4
The snorkelling was pretty incredible at COMO – so much so, that the first day we went swimming, we swam with a turtle! Antonio, his name was apparently – a really old little chap, part of the COMO family. This was probably one of our highlights from the Maldives. Such a magical moment!

como-2 conrad-4

PilyQ Bikini


The interior was so tasteful; a mix up of ethnic, meets colonial, meets nauticual. Basically, all I´ve ever wanted in a my future summer house (a girl can dream…).


Seafolly Bikini
Olympus Camera 

20160914-p9144987-4 20160914-p9144990-4

The island was really small, yet never crowded and always enough space to make it feel like it was completely secluded and cut-off…

20160918-p9186038-4 20160918-p9186116-4

So many pretty places to just chill out and read a book…


H&M Top 
Levi´s Shorts
Dior Sunglasses

20160916-p9165456_2-4 20160916-p9165620-4

Another day, another sunset.

20160914-p9144921_2-4 20160914-p9144914-4

The pool area was pretty epic too. Although we preferred swimming in the ocean, it was a nice spot for lunch and cocktail hour!

20160918-p9186170-4 20160918-p9185990-4

Lindex Top 
Urban Outfitters Skirt
Dior Sunglasses

20160918-p9186171-4 20160914-p9144997_2-4 20160914-p9144999_2-4

We had one rainy day (over the course of 10 days) in the Maldives – so we were pretty lucky. One of those days were towards the end, and it actually felt so nice having a soak in the bath when it was slightly cooler, filled with their Invigorating Bath Salts…


Here were some of my must-have beauty products throughout the holiday…

I kept my face protected using Rituals´s SPF 50 Face Cream, as well as glo-therapeutics Solar Shade SPF50. I love La Mer´s After Sun Enhancer, which really helped maintain and prolong my tan. Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil to protect my main, and Philip Kingsley´s Dry Shampoo to add some texture. On my face, I was using Institut Esthederm Cellular Water Spray to stay fresh and hydrated, Darphin Facial Sonic Cleansing and Massaging Face Brush to enhance the glow and boost my skin circulation, SkinOwl Eye Gel for clear eyes, and last but not least, Institut Esthederm´s Osmoclean Gentle Deep Pore Cleanser – which is the perfect product to use, when you skin´s all clogged up from all the SPF, sea water and chlorine. 

Oh, and minimal make up always – I loved just using YSL Lipstick (col: Orange Seventies) and a dap of Perricone MD No Eyeshadow Eyeshadow – for a super natural look.

20160918-p9185943-4 20160918-p9186171-4 20160918-p9185950-420160919-p9196271-4

Sunrise… Maldives, you beauty.

Tune in next week, for part two of my stay.

Thank you to COMO for hosting us. 




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