I spent the weekend in Norway with my family at our summer house by the sea. Just the relaxation I needed, going for long walks, reading books, NO COMPUTERS (well, not as much as usual). However, you know me, even in the most remote places, I manage to buy something from somewhere!

On Saturday we went for a long walk along the coast and we popped into this small antique shop. It was a complete time-warp with traditional Norwegian artifacts and furniture – I came across so much stuff I wanted! Like old vintage trunks (which stacked up, would make a really nice coffee table), retro picture frames and other random knick knacks. One thing that drew my attention was this traditional woven blanket. When I first picked it up I wasn’t sure about the colours which predominately was in a dark forest green – but then I turned it on to the reverse side, and it totally changed into this bright, modern and amazing multi-coloured blanket. They had two identical ones for sale, which both only cost £5! Can you believe it. As you can see, one fitted perfectly in at my parents home (pictured above) who were thrilled. Sadly I had no space left in my luggage to bring mine over, so I will have to wait until spring time!


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  1. Marcy
    March 3, 2012 / 08:20

    Your place looks so nice!

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