I am not going to lie, the third trimester has not been the easiest. Or, let me re-phrase that just a little bit – the last few weeks have not been the easiest. And it’s hard not to just focus on that, when I am in the middle of what is in my opinion, the hardest part of the pregnancy. I say ‘hard’ – as I am just days away from giving birth (hopefully just day, and not weeks – but who knows), and never have I felt so strange, swollen, sore, tender, heavy… Suddenly my bump has reached it’s maximum limit and space, and day-to-day things such as walking, breathing, sleeping, are becoming increasingly harder. When all of that said, I am of course so happy and positive as well – as I know I will soon be meeting my precious one, and we will finally be a family.

So I’ve just rounded up my final summary update from my third trimester, which I am hoping may be of interest to any fellow baby mamas out there – or future mamas-to-be!

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Gestational Diabetes
Just winding back to the third trimester being hard – I need to just reiterate again that it’s just been this last bit which has been particularly hard, as the beginning and middle has for me still been very enjoyable. When that said, I did have the unexpected news of being diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes at week 29 (read my full story here) – which was quite a shock. I mentioned before that I was going to push for a re-rest, which they refused to do (although I was literally right on the cusp). I have however managed to control it via diet only (no extra medication or procedures needed – yay!), and I can go to full term (even up to 42 weeks) without needing to be induced, and can have the natural water birth that I had intended. So all in all, very good news. Of course, things are never certain when it comes to the birth, and we will just have to take everything as it happens, when it happens…

Remaining Calm
If you think I am sounding very calm, then I have my amazing Hypnobirthing course experience to thank for that (read my full story here) – and I am just feeling so elated, happy and energetic to enter this next phase of my life. Of course, I know it’s going to be an intense experience – but everyone I speak to, also says it’s just simply the most mind-blowing and most importantly, rewarding experience… So bring it on!

Keeping Fit
My fitness journey during pregnancy has been a bit of a rollercoaster journey, as it’s been hard to make any concrete fitness goals and plans, as how I have been feeling has been so ever-changing – one day, I might be fuelled with energy and jumping on my yoga mat every morning – to the next week, when I can only manage a few light strolls. I have definitely been taking it easy and just tuning into my body and what it craves. During the third trimester, I have been craving a lot more stretching and lengthening, with the body feeling increasingly stiff and tender. So I’ve just been tuning into my subscription classes at Mumhood by Frame – which offer virtual classes during all three trimesters, with aerobics, yoga and pilates – all super energetic and easy-to-follow classes. Two of my other all-time favourite online prenatal yoga classes on YouTube is Tonic Yoga and Tara Stiles – both a bit more advanced, and just the ones I have personally connected with the most. Then lastly, I have finally started swimming, which just feels so good for the body, as it’s the only time I feel completely weightless.

Diet & Vitamins
I am still taking my Zita West supplements – specifically now the Vital Essence 3 and Vital DHA. Then as I have been so low in iron, I have had to triple my iron dose to get it back on track. In terms of diet – it has had to be altered and tweaked since being diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes (read my full diet plan here) – but that’s just been a good thing, as it means I have been the healthiest I can be during the last few months of my pregnancy. So in general, I feel like I am pretty on top of my diet – although the last few weeks, I have had more sugar cravings then ever, and as my GD readings have been so low and controlled, I have had the occasional treat here and there.

I was planning on having weekly acupuncture sessions leading up to the birth, but as I decided it was a bit too far to travel every week, I have been having weekly Reflexology sessions in the comfort of my own home. This has been helping me get things moving, relaxing and shifting fluids. I have been very lucky in terms of hardly having any water retention, but the little I have had, the Reflexology has helped with – as well as improving my digestion, and removing toxins.

Hospital Bag
The hospital bag has been packed and ready for a few weeks now – and we’re not travelling light, that’s for sure! Aside from all the Hypnobirthing essentials, such as my diffuser, oil, readings, music – all the other basics are packed, such as healthy snacks, toiletry bag with all my favourites, iPad and books for entertainment, cozy and comfortable sets of of nightwear and clothes… So many people have told me about the importance of a ‘good’ hospital bag, to make you feel as comfortable as possible, and I now get it!

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep
I have been so bad at having afternoon naps throughout the pregnancy; a lot of my girlfriends have been going on and on about taking time out to nap in the afternoon, but I just can’t do it (well, I’ve managed two throughout the whole pregnancy). It’s something about sleeping during the day, which feels so unnatural to me. When that said, I have been sleeping pretty good throughout the night, and even still now I am managing an OK night’s kip most nights – so I think that’s helped for sure. But I am definitely appreciating having the occasional lie-in, as I am fully aware that it will be a rarity for many years to come…

Thank you for staying with me throughout this journey. And let me know if you want me to continue these kinds of posts – maybe I will do monthly Mummy Diaries! Let me know in the comments below. Ax



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