Boxing Kit

Boxing Kit

The part I loved most of my Personal Training sessions was the boxing. The perfect way to release stress and aggravation – both of which comes from city life. Boxing is also a really effective, and fun way to tone up your body.

I am done with my PT sessions for now, but decided to buy this boxing kit from Amazon – Adidas Response Boxing Gloves & Focus Pads – to  continue parts of the training at home (with some help from my boyfriend with the focus pads).

My Boxing Regime

Grab a chair and your boxing kit. Get your boxing gloves on and make sure your partner is standing parallel in front of you (with the chair behind you). Squat down until your bum and lower thighs barely touches the chair (remember to keep your knees back when bending down, and push your bum far out to not put strain on your knees.) As soon as you’ve tapped the chair, quickly come up (in the squat position), stand up and squeeze your bum and thighs tight. Then punch each focus pad (one punch each side) and squat again. Repeat the exercise 30 times x 3 rounds. Make sure you keep the movements fast with hard punches, quick squats and tight squeezes. 




  1. Hannah
    April 4, 2012 / 12:10

    Thanks for the inspo!

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