Perricone MD Hypoallergenic Gentle Cleanser, 237ml, £35.

Yes, I know, yet another product from Perricone MD – I just can’t help it, is is SO amazing, and as mentioned in previous posts, has changed my skin completely. I have been using this cleanser for nearly 8 weeks now, and it is by far THE best cleanser I have yet to have tried, from any brand. It thoroughly cleanses (you would hope a cleanser would do this!), it’s fresh and light (not leaving any sign of residue), strips your skin from all dirt, and gives my skin the best feeling afterwards (all essential things when it comes to a good cleanser). Numerous friends and family has already borrowed it, and they have all been converted, stating just the same. The best thing? I still have loads left after 2-months (and sharing with various people!).

As stated on the bottle, it’s intended for sensitive skin. When that said, my skin is pretty normal and worked perfectly for me. It’s designed for daily use, with two types of olive oils (hence the green bottle), which are commonly known for their antioxidant power and soothing benefits. Also stated on the bottle, it’s hypoallergenic-tested (which basically means fewer allergic reactions than other cosmetic types). I just can’t reccomend this enough!



  1. Se1 Girl
    July 22, 2013 / 15:04

    I am yet to try anything from Perricone MD, this may be just the thing though!
    C x

    • AnneliWIBT
      July 23, 2013 / 14:05

      You should – it’s amazing and seems to suit most skin types! Let me know how you get on! Ax

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