BEAUTY MUST-HAVE: Giorgio Armani

BEAUTY MUST-HAVE: Giorgio Armani

I wouldn’t usually opt for face powder – first of all because it’s summer, and secondly, I’ve never been a big fan of  powders as they often clog up your pores.

I’ve been using a MAC Mineral compact powder for the last few years, which was really lightweight. However the powder kept cracking up so I could never bring it with me anywhere, in fear of it spilling out in my bag.

I discovered this powder from Giorgio Armani (£31) a while back, after trying it at the airport. It’s really lightweight and thin – admittedly it doesn’t cover all marks and blemishes, but that’s why I like it. I like my look to be natural, and not like I am wearing a ‘full-face’ during the day.  For this, Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Powder definitetly does the trick.


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