I have mixed feelings towards August… For one, it’s the first month which is leading towards Autumn, which on the one hand means a new season, new beginnings… But then on the other hand, it also means summer is soon over. For once, the latter doesn’t bother me so much, as I am still finding myself wishing the time away for our baby to arrive and to start so many new beginnings. Yet, I am still holding on to that summer feeling, and already finding myself dreaming about my summer wardrobe next year (when my body will be very different then what it is now). So I have compiled a little mood board for you guys, to show you all the things which is inspiring me right now, from fashion, hair, interior, food and general mood. 


I am feeling the love for a lot of blues at the moment, sea-coloured hues, nautical and preppy looks… Might have something to do with having a baby boy…?


Bow blouses, statement jewellery, a dark caramel tan… (essentially, dreaming and planning what I will be wearing next summer, and hopefully look like).


Still longing back to our dreamy holiday in Ibiza in June, and wanting to replicate the same feeling and vibes in our own garden (or just go all out and finally buy that summer house in France we’ve been dreaming about for years).


I am seriously contemplating a new hair-do. My summer tresses are not looking their best to be honest. Not sure how short I would go, thinking maybe the picture on the right would be perfect. I mean, how much thicker and glossier wouldn’t it look?!


Adjusting to my new diet, and fuelling my life with so many greens, protein and good carbs. I mean yes, I am still craving all the naughties, but I know I am doing the world of good for my body, and most importantly, my baba. Read more about why I am going-sugar free for the rest of my pregnancy here.


I am all about strong accessories at the moment, especially now that I am no longer investing so heavily in clothing (being nearly 8-months pregnant). My shoe collection has grown more than ever this season (mainly featuring sliders and flats), and I am still contemplating a new designer bag…


Moving into a new season, always calls for some kind of change when it comes to my interiors. I know now might not be the right time to make massive changes to our house, but I am definitely re-organsing, and adding small elements of change via accessories and new layouts (soon to be revealed on my updated home tour for the blog)…


One more of a major change that I am contemplating to do before the baby arrives, is to finally update our kitchen cabinet colour. I know we only just had it done over a year ago, but the colour was never the right shade of grey (it’s currently too light, with a subtle hint of lilac) – replacing it with a more prominent and darker grey. I am also very tempted to change our white Corian worktops, with Marble or Quartz. I have just had the quotes in and still deciding, so stay tuned…


Ah how I miss my summer wardrobe, with slinky jumpsuits, skinny high-waisted jeans, belted outfits, structured outfits… I am already mentally planning my spring wardrobe wish list (which is looking worryingly large already).

13 14

One of the things I am most excited about at the moment, is planning and decorating the nursery! Some of the furniture has already arrived, my nursery chair has finally been ordered, and now it’s all about the styling! I will be teaming up with my friend and fellow blogger Laura Butler-Madden to finish off the room – who is also an incredibly talented interior designer. As I just don’t have the same level of energy, and with all my hormones and constant “baby brain”, I feel I need someone who has very similar taste to myself, to clarify certain decisions! Our collaboration and nursery reveal will (hopefully) go live in September before the baba arrives. But as you can see, here is a little sneak peak into what I am thinking, style and colour wise…


I am still filling the house with plants, and getting so much inspiration from my 12 days in Ibiza – focusing on all the boho textures and accessories. Also looking forward to Autumn, with cozy long baths in the hot tub…


Just because I have gone sugar-free, it doesn’t mean I can’t make delicious alternatives! So naturally I’ve spending a lot more time in the kitchen (and on my Pinterest food board) – creating yummy, healthy and satisfying dishes for the win (this beetroot cashew cake is the dream).

Picture Courtesy via my Pinterest



  1. Amber
    August 16, 2017 / 07:40

    Hey Anneli- really enjoy reading your blog. Am I too late to ask a #askanneli question?

    I’m currently trying to refresh & update my wardrobe- its a huge task sorting through old clothes! How do you decide which clothes to keep and which to get rid of? What are the key basics every good wardrobe should have? I’m thinking key pieces which are easy & versatile to wear. Would love your thoughts :-) Thank you Amber.

    • Anneli Bush
      August 29, 2017 / 10:04

      Hi Amber! I was going to, but just wasn’t getting enough questions to make it worth while dedicating a whole post to it, so I’ve kind of put it on hold for now, sorry! But I will keep your question in mind, and try to answer your question at some point :)

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