In The Spirit of St Barth’s

In The Spirit of St Barth’s

I’ve been dreaming for sun and beach since October (I guess living in Australia and Barcelona for over 4 years has spoilt me). On that note I wouldn’t mind jetting off to St.Barths any time soon, but for now, 10 days in Marbella at Easter will have to do. I CAN’T WAIT.

While dreaming of beach and sun in Spain – my new book about St.Barths is fuelling me with the summer, style and a lifestyle I so long for, and would trade in for London any day – as well as looking great with the rest of my art, fashion and designs books – which is always an incentive and why I often tend to go for books with amazing covers (as well as content, of course). My love for Assouline books continues…

By Pamela Fiori, get it here£30.



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  1. Morger jeff
    December 1, 2021 / 12:36

    Can i buy the Book?
    St. Barths?

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