This time around last year, I uploaded my first official Before & After Home Tour of our house, which we bought in November 2015, started renovating in December, and officially moved in February 2016. I can’t quite believe we have been here nearly two years already (well I can quite believe it, as we love it so much!) – but just in terms of it being the place we have lived in for the longest period of time (which is a record so far). Our circumstances with having a baby on it’s way in less than 5 weeks obviously plays a major part in staying, and of course, the house being pretty much perfect for all our needs, in terms of style, location and size. Now before I show you more of an updated version of the house one year later (as things have changed just slightly) – let me quickly run you through the specifics of the house…

An Edwardian house (built circa 1906) located in South West London – set across over three floors, with a reception/lounge room to the front of the property, a second reception/study room in the middle of the property (not pictured), a utility room, downstairs toilet, and a kitchen/lounge room opening onto the garden. Over the first and second floors there are five bedrooms and two bathrooms – three of which are utilised as actual bedrooms, one which has been converted to my walk-in-wardrobe, and the soon to be nursery (not pictured). 

The reasoning behind this updated home tour, is simply due to the natural changes one makes the longer you live in a property. Our first home tour of this house was so fresh and neutral, but having lived in the property for over a year since, there is a lot more personality and colour being brought in – in other words; it’s just more lived in and feels more like a home.

So, let’s begin the tour shall we…


The hallway, which very fortunately retain the original Victorian style tiles, is relatively bright and airy. But in order to make it feel even more light and welcoming (as so many hallways can be anything but), we kept the wall colour light, which worked well in contrast with the darker monochrome tiles, with some added colour on the walls and weekly fresh flowers. The hallway leads onto the front lounge on the right, then moving on to the stairway taking you up to the rest of the floors – or continuing straight and you will find a sizeable study/storage room to your next right (not pictured in this tour), and finally onto the large kitchen/lounge/dining area, which leads onto the garden, with a separate washing room and downstairs toilet at the back.

hometour (17 of 20)

Tikamoon Console Table / Bloom & Wild Flowers / Juniqe Cactus Print 

hometour (12 of 20)

Moving into the first room on the right when you enter the house, is the front lounge. With it’s high ceilings, all retaining the original cornicing, big windows (with a customised window seat) and traditional white shutters – it’s a very calm, bright and relaxing space. Yet in the colder months, it completely transforms into a cozy snug room, with the wood burning stove and dim lighting.

hometour (2 of 2)

Sofa.com Sofa / West Elm Quilted Satin Cushion / Next Monochrome Cushion / Wood Grey Tassel Cushion / H&M Cushion / Monsoon Fringe Cushion / Etsy Prints / Modernica Bubble Saucer Ceiling Pendant

hometour (5 of 20)hometour (6 of 20)

Urban Outfitters Pouffe (similar here

hometour (14 of 20)

As you can see, I love blending in lots of different textures and materials, such as wool, linen, embroidery – mixed with hard metals, natural wood, and greenery – not to mention, lots of scented candles, stacks of magazines and books…

hometour (7 of 20)hometour (20 of 20)

Cushions from Monsoon & Next

hometour (10 of 20)
Hay Tray Tables 

These tray tables are great to have all your favourite pieces, magazines and quirky artefacts on display.

hometour (15 of 20)

Since the last tour, I have added more artwork on the walls, some additional lighting, and more textures and various accessories – making the room feel much more homely and lived in.

hometour (18 of 20) hometour (1 of 2)

Wayfair Lamp / New York & Paris Prints / Urban Outfitters Plant (bought in Oxford Street store) 

hometour (13 of 20)hometour (11 of 20)
The overall look and feel with it’s relatively tonal colour palette, is soft and relaxed (just the way I wanted it).

hometour (8 of 20)
Moving further down the hallway, we pass the study/storage room (soon to be the play room), which has not been pictured as it’s exactly that – a storage room (I will spare you the sight of the current chaos!). When you pass that, you will enter the open kitchen/dining/lounge area, which is one of my favourite spaces in the house, as it’s so light and airy, and with the floor-to-ceiling bi-folding doors, which opens up wide to the terrace and garden – it’s the biggest living area of the house.

hometour (1 of 27) hometour (2 of 27)

I love plants and flowers (as I am sure you’ll notice throughout) – not to mention Eucalyptus, and if I could, I would fill every corner of the room with greenery (although admittedly, I am not that far off!). To me, it gives a real sense of warmth and cozy feeling, not to mention plants help clean the air and boosts healing (who knew?!).

hometour (3 of 27) hometour (5 of 27) hometour (25 of 27)hometour-7-of-27
Again, a relatively tonal colour palette, with the natural wood, white walls, and pops of green and aqua – mixed with various greys, and contrasting textures…

home (1 of 1)hometour (21 of 27)

Juniqe Print / Out & Out Original Table / Cult Furniture Dining Chairs 

hometour (4 of 27) hometour (1 of 1)hometour (8 of 27)hometour (11 of 27)

As everything is so open plan – which is something I love – it was important to create different corners and separate spaces in the room, such as the corner lounge. I did this by filling it more out (if you compare it to the first Home Tour, when it was much more bare) – with again, lots of different elements and colours, as well as a shelf and pouffe, which helps define and frame the space.

hometour (27 of 27)

HAY Bar Stools / Monsoon Pouffe 

hometour (12 of 27) hometour (13 of 27)

HAY Tray Table / Habitat Shelf / Homebase Cactus 

hometour (26 of 27)
Again, stacks of books, candles, memorabilia, plants, various artefacts on display – creating that personal feel.

hometour (19 of 27)hometour (14 of 27)hometour (18 of 27)

West Elm Sofa / West Elm Furry CushionNext Cushions / Etsy Horse Print / Etsy Surf Print / Etsy Picasso Print

hometour (6 of 27)hometour (10 of 27)hometour (23 of 27)hometour (24 of 27)

I love our little handy washing & laundry room with a downstairs toilet, tucked to the side off the kitchen – again in a tonal and neutral colour palette.

hometour (11 of 20)

Now the ground floor is done, we move up to the first floor. Again, I really love the spacious, light and airy stairways, which (surprise surprise) are all tonal with the whites and grey. The stairs used to be in dark wood when we took it over, and I love the transformation with the painted white, mixed with the soft and cozy carpet and carpet runner, which runs all the way up to the top floor.

hometour (5 of 20)

Once you’ve walked up the stairs, head to your left and you will enter my favourite room in the whole house, the master bedroom. This is such a lovely and airy space, and a definite sanctuary we love to spend long and lazy weekends in, with copious amounts of tea, coffee and newspapers…

hometour (17 of 20)hometour (4 of 20)

Vintage Basket / Monsoon Cushion / Etsy Sheepskin Rug 

By now, I am sure you can gather that I’m very into mixing a lot of textures together in a room. When I initially designed and styled this house, the main priority was making it feel soft, warm, light, airy and cozy. An escape away from the hustle and bustle of London… By bringing in warm and fuzzy elements into each room – especially on the first and second floor – with the soft carpet and furnishing, combined with natural materials, such as cotton, linen and wood – it really feels like a real safe haven that we both just love spending time in.

hometour (16 of 20)

IKEA Chest of Drawers / Next Grey Laundry Basket / Modernica Ceiling Light 

hometour (6 of 20)

But this is no show home – which is something I felt it was more like in the beginning when I had just decorated it; albeit it still had those soft and warm elements, it lacked memorabilia, pictures on the walls, more artefacts , more stuff (which is something that comes with time, and really living in a space – hence the reason for the updated home tour!).

hometour (20 of 20) hometour (1 of 20)

Next Lamp / Anthropologie Letter / IKEA Bedside Table 

Brass, grey and white. Such a classic combo, which just always works. Also, don’t be afraid of mixing different brass colours and details together; the clashing of tones makes it even more interesting.

hometour (13 of 20)

The White Company Bed Linen & Bed Spread / Elizabeth Scarlett Leaf Cushions / Feather & Black Bed 

hometour (18 of 20)hometour (8 of 20)

An example of a more miss-matched brass piece alongside more minimal brass elements – with this old vintage tray, which I use to store all my favourite nighttime products…

hometour (19 of 20)
hometour (12 of 20)

I replicated the front lounge bay window area on the ground floor, with a customised window seat in this room too – which is a great way to utilise an otherwise ‘dead space’ – using it to display magazines, books, plants, pictures, cushions…

hometour (10 of 20)

The White Company Floor Mirror

Moving out from the front lounge and across to the end room, soon to be the nursery (which I will be dedicating an entire blog post to once it’s all ready, so stay tuned!). On another note, notice the curved wall to the right, which is the back of the bathroom, and such a quirky element which I really love with this hallway and space…

hometour (2 of 12)

The bathroom, albeit spacious enough for us two; we really had to think hard on this re-design, as the old design was not maximising the room potential. After moving things around, re-tiling and painting – it’s so much better and brighter, and thankfully, still has those lovely high ceilings to make it feel even roomier.

hometour (4 of 12)hometour (11 of 12)

Next Towels / Herbivore Beauty Products

hometour (7 of 12)

IKEA Sink Unit & Cabinet / John Lewis Round Mirror

Although it’s not the grandest of bathrooms – especially in relation to the rest of the house – we still managed to fit in our much wanted double sink, and with the addition of the oversized round mirror – the space feels much more open and wide.

hometour (12 of 12)
Behind that curved wall and to gain more storage space in an area which could easily be ‘dead space’, I placed this super minimal and lightweight shelf stand, to house all our perfumes, colognes, make-up and beauty bits…

hometour (8 of 12)

Only the pretty stuff on display (obviously).

hometour (9 of 12) hometour (6 of 12)hometour (1 of 12)

I am a sucker for contrasting tiles – such as this classic metro style, combined with the geometric pattern – which I also love in contrast to the old and original wooden door.

hometour (5 of 12)

Forever Aesop on our bathroom sink.

hometour (3 of 12)

And that’s part one done! Still missing on this floor, is my walk-in-wardrobe, and then moving up to the top floor, where there are two more bedrooms and another bathroom. Thank you so much for popping by and having a sneak peek – the second part will be live shortly!

In the meantime – please leave me a comment with any questions you might have, or if you’re wondering where certain things are from – as not everything has been credited in the post. However lots of the original credits of the flooring, paint colours etc, are on the original Home Tour – so be sure to check that out too. 

Photography by Lydia Collins 



  1. September 3, 2017 / 10:39

    Loved this Anneli, I’ve just bought my first place and actually launched my interiors section today. I love reading interiors posts so much it’s fab to be able to start sharing my own too! Your decor is beautiful and love how light and spacious it feels, it looks so fresh. Photos are fab, would love to know what you were shooting on & how you managed to keep them so crisp (low aperture / low shutter or just tons of natural light?).

    The house looks beautiful, made me excited for our renovations to get going now :)

    Mel x mediamarmalade.com

    • Anneli Bush
      September 7, 2017 / 17:27

      Thank you Mel! Luckily we have lots of light in the house, so no need for extra lighting! Looking forward to following yours :) Ax

    • Anneli Bush
      September 7, 2017 / 17:27

      Thank you!

      • Carla beecher
        October 14, 2019 / 14:37

        Hi. I am in the midst of a bedroom remodel. I am trying to duplicate the closet door style that you have in the master bedroom. Can you tell me the door trim piece measurements? And the size of the rectangles above and below?

        • October 21, 2019 / 19:24

          Hi Carla! How exciting! Sadly we no longer live in that property, so I’m not sure I am afraid. Ax

  2. Stephanie
    September 3, 2017 / 20:54

    Looks gorgeous Anneli!

    • Anneli Bush
      September 7, 2017 / 17:27

      Thanks Stephanie!

  3. September 3, 2017 / 21:02

    Where are the tea towels from?! Thanks!

    • Anneli Bush
      September 7, 2017 / 17:27

      They’re from Hammam & Home x

  4. Mel
    September 3, 2017 / 22:04

    Hi Anneli, gorgeous home, we’ve just bought a Victorian terrace house and are redecorating in a similar style. Boring practical question but we also have a TV and sound bar that we’ll be mounting on the chimney breast, how did you conceal your wires and media boxes?! Thanks so much! Mel

    • Anneli Bush
      September 7, 2017 / 17:28

      Hi Mel – we got everything from John Lewis, and they installed it all properly for us :)

  5. Nicole
    September 4, 2017 / 08:25

    Such a beautiful home. Please could you share where you bought your grey carpets from please? Thank you.

    • Anneli Bush
      September 7, 2017 / 17:28

      Thank you Nicole! They were sourced from Living Interiors down in Poole, Dorset x

  6. September 7, 2017 / 01:57

    I love your house, it looks incredible and I’m sure you spent a lot of time on that and it’s so nice once you see all you hard work completed, I love the prints, the photos, the plants are just lovely

    • Anneli Bush
      September 7, 2017 / 17:28

      That’s so kind, thank you!

  7. Rebecca Hardingham
    September 10, 2017 / 20:26

    Your house is so beautiful x
    I love your bed! Exactly what I’m looking for! Can I please as if it’s a king or double?

    • Anneli Bush
      September 11, 2017 / 08:21

      Thank you! It’s Super King actually x

  8. Emma
    September 12, 2017 / 16:29

    Hi Anneli! Lovely home. Whereabouts is that side table / cabinet in your front lounge from (the one with the Ottolenghi books on them?)

    • Anneli Bush
      September 13, 2017 / 09:49

      Thank you! They’re from IKEA actually, and I just added some brass knobs and legs onto them, to make them more unique. Ax

  9. Nikita
    October 2, 2017 / 20:48

    Hi Anneli, what a beautiful house and I absolutely love your colour choices. Could you share where you got the knobs and handles for your Ikea wardrobe and bedside table. Good luck with the baby .. it’s the most amazing time to come

  10. Aisling
    October 4, 2017 / 07:45

    Hi anneli, gorgeous home! where did you get the bronze/gold kitchen cabinet handles from please? I’ve been searching high and low. Thanks

  11. Gill
    October 5, 2017 / 07:02

    Wow your house is so beautiful! Please could you let me know what paint colour you used in your bedroom and lounge? Thank you!

  12. Jay
    December 13, 2017 / 09:23

    What a beautiful house! Where is that lovely bamboo magazine rack from? x

    • Anneli Bush
      January 15, 2018 / 14:32

      Thank you Jay! It’s vintage I am afraid x

  13. Kelly-Marie Gosling
    February 5, 2018 / 11:00

    You have such a gorgeous house!! Just wondering where your candles are from with the gold trays? There’s a couple of them dotted around! x

    • Anneli Bush
      February 5, 2018 / 11:38

      Thank you so much! They are from Hema, really affordable and long lasting! Ax

  14. Franchesca
    April 4, 2018 / 18:28

    Hi Anneli, wow what a beautiful home you have. Adore the colour scheme and the parquet flooring. Could I please ask where you got the parquet flooring from? I’m looking for something just it like with a slight greyish stain to neautralise the colour, the colour you have is perfect. Thank you in advance! Franchesca x

    • Anneli Bush
      April 8, 2018 / 09:28

      Thank you so much, that is so kind! I got it from Living Interiors in Poole (Dorset). Anneli x

  15. Charlotte
    May 9, 2018 / 21:37

    Hi, would you mind letting me know what fabric you went for on your sofas? Is it the Pumice? I tried following the link but I think it’s broken.

    Many thanks

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