September 23, 2016

Ok, so working out while you’re on holiday or travelling, might not be the first thing on your list of priorities once you’re away – but it´s something worth while considering – unless you want to return back feeling sluggish, 5 pounds heavier and back to square one! That´s not to say you can’t indulge, unwind and fully enjoy yourself (which is basically the whole point with a holiday), but scheduling in a short daily workout (even if it´s just 10 minutes) – is enough to leave you feeling fit, healthy and energised during, and once you’re back from your travels.


I´ve just returned from the Maldives (more on that coming soon), and I consciously planned to workout while I was away; especially after all the hard preparation I did before going – it would kind of be a shame to let it all go in a those two weeks (only having to work even harder once I´m back!). All depending on what kind of travelling or holidays you’re going on; be it business, an active city break (in which case, long daily walks count as working out!) or a totally chilled vacay on a tropical island – here are my top 8 tips to stay fit while away!


It sounds like a no brainer, but consciously packing a selection of your workout clothes and shoes, will definitely be the motivation you will need to stay active during your travels! Or, do like I did, use it as an excuse to invest in a new shiny kit that you know you´ll feel good in! Where I like to buy? I´m currently obsessed with Avenue 32´s super chic and curated activewear edit – I especially love No Ka´Oi´s eclectic (and super flattering) range.



I am not saying to discount your hotel based on whether it has a gym or not, but if you’re planning on staying active whilst away, it´s good job to check before hand! If your hotel doesn’t have a gym, then do a little Google search to see if there are any good gym studios/classes nearby that offer the drop-in option; I personally always go to SoulCycle when I´m in NYC or L.A – and love a good Yoga class wherever I am.



Then, if your hotel doesn’t have a gym (or you don’t like it for some reason) and there are no nearby fitness studios – you can use your room as a workout area! All depending on what you want to do; be it a short HIIT workout using your own body-weight, some toning exercising using a lightweight resistance band you can bring with you wherever you are, or some Yoga (I use YouTube or various apps for all my workout ideas while I´m away) – there is always time to fit a short session in before breakfast, or in the afternoon for a quick pick-me-up!



Remember, you’re on holiday – so don’t beat yourself up or set yourself insane workout goals! The aim is just to feel energised and active, so any kind of work out counts. I.e if you’re in a city and doing tons of sightseeing by foot (that definitely counts as a workout), some laps in the pool, 10 minutes doing abs, some yoga stretches, a light run or jog around your local area (I´ve just invested in these runners from Adidas by Stella McCartney also via Avenue 32 – they’re the best) – these are all good things! You don’t have to stand pumping and sweating in the gym for an hour at the crack of down; give yourself some slack, and look at the workout as just a small part of your day. Remember, working out releases endorphins, which makes you happy (and we all want that don’t we!).



Drinking enough water and getting enough sleep should definitely be your number one priority (even before any kind of workout). If you’re not drinking enough water to re-plenish or getting enough sleep every night – working out can not only be damaging for your body; it can have reverse the effect, by creating a tension and stress to your body, not giving you the results you want and raising your cortisol levels (which actually in turn, holds onto your fat). So first up, drink plenty of water, go to bed early or have a good lie-in (if you can!)



Now, I love nothing more than indulging and drinking lots of crisp white whine whilst in the sun (trust me)… And that is all good, but it´s all about choosing your vices and creating some kind of balance. Ideally, if you know you’re planning on having alcohol with pasta or pizza every night (and maybe a dessert), then make sure you make up for it with your other meals! So if you’re somewhere on an all-inclusive package, make sure you tread careful with the buffet at breakfast and lunch. Before you know it, you´ll end up eating so much more than what you would usually eat. So just be wary with your portions (choose a smaller plate) and opt for the healthier options where possible. Hopefully, if you’ve already squeezed in a workout that morning, your healthy habits will follow suit come breakfast time.




As I mentioned above – staying fit does not necessarily mean to kill yourself on the treadmill! I am so into my yoga at the moment – which was fortunate for me whilst I was recently in the Maldives, as it was part of their every day culture. So as well as a couple of morning jogs on the beach, and some weights in the gym – I enjoyed daily early rise yoga (and sometimes even in the afternoon again) – with Dynamic Hatha Yoga, finished with 15 minutes of meditation. It really helped me enjoy and embrace the day, relieve any tension, anxiety and stress I had (not to mention it was insanely peaceful – overlooking the quiet sound of ocean)… So wherever you are – always try to embrace the local offering first. And my favourite kit to do it in? This white mesh top from Varley and the perfect black stretch leggings from Lisa Marie Fernandez.



My husband thinks I am crazy that I always pack my own healthy snacks when we go abroad – but it´s an absolute godsend, I promise you! If you happen to be somewhere where the healthy offering is sparse, and you don’t really want to raid the M&M´s and Pringles in the mini bar – some almonds, protein and nut bars will do the trick. It´s the small things that count, and it´s all about maintaining a happy balance throughout the travelling period; so when you do decide to have an indulgence, you know you can do it without feeling guilty, as you’ve made positive choices during the rest of the day, having already had a workout and opted for the healthier food options.


…and that´s it guys! Would love to hear any of your tips & tricks if you have any!

No Ka´Oi Multi Colour Block Ola Sports Bra
No Ka´Oi 
Multi Colour Block Kuke 7/8 Leggings
Varley White Mesh Insert Rennie Top
Lisa Marie Fernandez Black Stretch Jersey Karlie Leggings
Adidas by Stella McCartney Grey Adizero Knitted Running Trainers


Created in collaboration with Avenue 32. All words, opinions, styling & creative direction are, as always, my own.

Shot using an Olympus PEN E-PL7 (with a 75mm lens)

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  • Reply Jemma September 23, 2016 at 13:25

    Love these pics! What sort of camera do you use ? xx

    • Reply Anneli Bush September 24, 2016 at 08:37

      Thank you! I am using the Olympus PEN with the 75mm lens :) xx

  • Reply Tatjana September 23, 2016 at 14:46

    Stunning photography Anneli! Loved the post, as always.

    • Reply Anneli Bush September 24, 2016 at 08:37

      Thanks Tatjana!

  • Reply samhita September 23, 2016 at 15:37

    Good article to stay fit! awesome photography

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      Ah thanks Samhita!

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