Hello! Sorry about my posts being more and more sporadic. Ironically, I have more time than ever, but I am much less productive! Anyone else feel the same?

Anyways, let’s get straight to the point… I AM PREGNANT! So far it’s felt like the longest pregnancy ever, as I found out around 5/6 weeks, and I’m now 6 months, well over half-way. It’s been such a surreal and magical experience. If you read my recent Life Update post, I spoke about my devastating miscarriage back in February. This was such a big loss for us, as once again, it had been a very long and tricky journey to even get pregnant… Then, magic happened. One month after the loss, I fell pregnant again. Obviously, completely unexpected and totally out of the blue (perhaps that’s why it happened, as I wasn’t even thinking about it, for once?). As it all came about so fast, I hadn’t even realised my period being late. It was only when the extreme nausea and tiredness arrived, I sensed something was up. Not necessarily thinking I was pregnant (as that felt so unrealistic to me), but that I had some kind of bug or something…

But luck was on our side, and our miracle rainbow baby is due in less than 4 months!

Obviously, all off this happened during a global pandemic and a bleak-looking future…. But personally, I had never felt happier, lighter and more blessed in my life, so fortunately in so many ways, this whole Corona period hasn’t been as hard for me. Of course, I have been nervous and extra cautious (haven’t we all?), as well we being on-edge following the recent miscarriage. But aside from that, I’ve just loved being in this little protective bubble these past 6 months, and finally, it’s all starting to feel so real. We can’t wait to become a family of four, and Rio to become a big brother! He is so excited and talks about it literally every day…

A last little note to any of my readers who are struggling with infertility or loss(es). I know too well how hard it is to see through the fog when you’re in the middle of it – but please know that things will work out and don’t ever loose hope. I have been through my fair share, and we’re now finally on the home-stretch to complete our family, but at times I didn’t believe we ever would. Like last time, I sought out acupuncture and relaxed my diet and exercise regime, but personally I’m a true believer in doing whatever makes you feel good, and what helps you stay both mentally and physically sane (even if that is having a few extra glasses of wine!). The most frustrating thing I kept being told, was to relax! As anyone who has gone through the same, knows how hard that is. But in the end for us, our little miracle happened when I was relaxed in the moment, and I wasn’t even thinking about trying. Everyone is different of course, but please remember that you’re not alone! I can’t even tell you how many people have reached out to me throughout the years, who are in similar situations… And subsequently, how many of the same people who’ve now gone onto having their own little rainbow babies.

You will get there in the end, and when you do, your journey will somehow all make sense.

Lots of love,



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  1. Hannah
    August 18, 2020 / 09:25

    The most amazing news, congratulations Anneli!

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