If there is one thing I want to spend my money on, it´s my skin. I´d sacrifice the latest fashion purchase in favour of an incredible facial at one of my favourite spots, any day. I am pretty religious with having monthly facials; having that consistency and regular up keep has really transformed my complexion. Sure, squeeze in a few weekly face masks at home on top of this; but you will see the real difference when you´re in the hands of a trusted and reputable skin esthetician…

As they’re experts within their field – they will determine what your skin actually needs (ultimately saving you money, so you don´t keep buying the wrong products), and work on your specific skin concerns; be it dullness, dryness, acne, pigmentation, wrinkles, redness… You name it. When I go to see a facialist, I naturally want to see a real difference straight away (with focus on radiance, brightening and intense moisture). I also tend to favour more active and intense facials, with lots of massage, extractions and exfoliants – which can still be relaxing, yet have quicker and more instant results (hence the price tag).


My advice to you, would be to do your research when it comes to finding your ideal face spa/skin esthetician in your local area. Read reviews, ask around and make sure you are going somewhere well thought of – which also specialises in your specific skin concerns (especially acne, pigmentation, etc.). You might even find that you have to travel a bit further to get to the one you want; but don´t fret, your skin will thank you for it.

With the nature of what I do, I very often get invited to try various facials and review face spas/clinics (I am incredibly fortunate, I know). And I´ve tried my fair share of good, and not so good ones. As I mentioned, I am more easily impressed with the active facials; and here are 4 of which I have tried in the past year, which has really impressed me.



Sarah Chapman’s facials have been sought after by journalists, celebrities and beauty devotees for many years, for good reason. Her Chelsea Clinic is more often than not fully booked (always a good sign), and Sarah and her dermal therapists provide a variety of specialist and bespoke treatments to rejuvenate, restore and improve your skin’s health, providing not only a relaxing experience, but also with incredibly result driven treatments.

I love their Signature Bespoke Facial – combining machine and manual therapies, entirely tailored to your skin’s specific needs (adjusting per area where necessary). The treatment combines the use of Sarah’s signature massage and advanced machines to deep cleanse (extraction if necessary), lift and restore skin’s health. They use advanced clinical cosmeceutical serums, with enhanced penetration techniques to deliver more intense results. All their treatments are tailored for sensitive skin, sun damage and ageing as well as acne and congestion.

If you get an appointment, make sure you prioritise regular facials here – for ultimate long-term skin health and a boost of natural radiance. My skin was glowing for days after my facial here, and still 2 weeks after, it feels more supple and firm. 

60 minutes from £125. Book your appointment here



I´ve been a fan of the Elemis brand for a long time now – so my excitement levels were pretty high when they asked me to be one of their Brand Ambassadors for 2017! Naturally, I´ve been using their skincare for years, and have had many frequent visits to their gorgeous spa in the heart of London, the House of Elemis. I have a lot of firm favourites on the treatment menu, but the one I keep going back to, is the Pro-Definition Lift & Contour Facial.

The unique thing about this particular facial, is the combination of the potent ingredients and the deep facial massage. The Arjuna and Lupin-infused jowl and chin mask works on elasticity, whilst potent nutrients and stem cells found in Edelweiss and Tiger Grass help support the extra-cellular matrix. The facial also focuses on the the structure of the skin, which is boosted through a muscle-toning massage from the scalp to the décolleté. Resulting in a plumper and more revitalised complexion – creating that much sought-after sculpted, youthful effect.

This facial is ideal for skin that is lacking definition, subtly ageing, and is craving moisturising, firming and plumping results (all naturally). I personally love massage in my facials, as it really helps with the circulation and getting that natural glow back. I always leave feeling super relaxed and rejuvenated from House of Elemis.

60 minutes for £115. Book your appointment here



I popped by this Notting Hill Clinic back in December, when my skin was at its dullest – lacking colour, vibrance and glow. I had heard lots of great things about their Intraceuticals Rejuvenation Infusion Facial, which is all about intense hydration, calming the skin, and getting that much needed glow back (especially ideal during the winter months).

The process consists of using 98% pure oxygen; in order to stimulate the Hyaluronic Acid production, and help penetrate the skin with a serum filled with essential vitamins, antioxidants and amino peptides. The Hyaluronic Acid helps to instantly hydrate the skin resulting in increased firmness, reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improved look to facial contours and overall radiance. The oxygen ensures the penetration of active ingredients in depth, infusing and restoring hydration, strengthening the epidermis and reduces wrinkles in just 40 minutes (literally).

What I really loved about this facial, was the non-invasiveness – yet it´s an incredibly results-driven treatment. Although the treatment is more intense than a more regular facial; it´s still super relaxing. This facial technique is especially suitable when you want to look extra special for a particular day or much important event (where there is a no downtime required). They do recommend a course for optimal results; I did 2 sessions, and my skin felt so smooth, supple and hydrated for Christmas. 

40-45 minutes for £135. Book your appointment here



Last, but certainly not least – one of my all-time favourites for nearly a year – the reputable Signature Treatment at the FACE PLACE spa. This facial is so good, I have already spoken about it before on the blog, and it´s somewhere I try to go on a monthly/bi-monthly basis (I would go every week if my purse strings allowed it).

The Signature Treatment has been around for years, and was first introduced in 1972 at the L.A opening of FACE PLACE. What´s so unique about it? It takes a clinical approach – combining the all-important extraction (I LOVE this part), with galvanic currents to really deliver improved skin tone, firmness, fewer lines and a clearer complexion. Each facial is bespoke to the client’s individual skin requirements ensuring optimum results, and is just as effective for women, as for men (my husband can vouch for it being incredible too).

Often referred to as “LA’s most sought-after facial” – I was intrigued to try it out for the first time a year ago; and I can see why it is so hyped. Your skin is litteally beaming, it feels so clean, so fresh, and it´s one of the only facials where you leave actually looking better, than without a full-face of make-up. 

70mins for £140. Book your appointment here


What are you favourites face spas and facials? I would love to hear it! 



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